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Collme the Ollum

Collme grew up without a father in a poor district of Meckelorn as part of the gnomish minority, until illness took her mother during a harsh winter leaving her an orphan.   Starvation and desperation eventually led her to consume mortal flesh, resulting in addiction and contracting Cannibal Sickness transforming her into an ollum.   Collme was able to remain undetected on the fringes of Meckelorn society as an active ollum for years before eventually her appearance and activities grew too monstrous too hide.   She fled Meckelorn into the depths of Scarnoctis and eventually talked her way into a pack of morlocks led by a rune casting jormanger.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Like most advanced ollums, Collme has wrinkly greyish skin (when not in chameleon mode), has very little patchy hair, and elongated limbs and fingers.

Special abilities

Collme can excrete and later reabsorb a sticky slime from her hands and feet. This lets her scale walls like a lizard or enhances snatching small creatures or items.   Collme has enough finesse over her slime that her ability does not leave a visible slime trail to the naked eye, but it does leave a trackable scent trail for creatures with a strong sense of smell such as dogs.   Collme can change her skin's color and texture to act as near perfect camouflage like a cuttlefish. While her outline can be seen, especially when moving, her power is physical, not magical so it cannot be thwarted by anti-illusion counter measures.   Collme also has enhanced strength beyond normal gnomish limits. While she can overpower most gnomes, she is not exactly great at fighting stronger humanoids toe-to-toe.

Collme character stats

  Willpower 6, 10 for the purpose of resisting magical intrusions into her mind   Dexterity 4, Strength 3, Stamina 4, Appearance 2 ("Inverse Appearance", Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Intelligence 3, Perception 4, Wits 4   Abilities: Alertness 4, Animal Ken 3, Athletics 4, Brawl 3 (+1 strangling), Crafts 2 (scrounging tools and weapons from bones and scraps), Dodge 3 (+1 melee attacks), Empathy 5 (+1 hidden motives), Enigmas 3, Etiquette 1 (+1 cannibals), Expression 3 (+1 groveling), Hearth Wisdom 3 (+1 edible plants), Intimidation 2, Investigation 2 (+1 searches), Legerdemain 3, Medicine 1 (+1 self-care), Melee 2 , Politics 1, ailing, Seneschal, Stealth 4 (+1 Scarnoctis), Subterfuge 3 (+1 flattery), Survival 4 (+1 Scarnoctis)   Rare Abilities: Disable Device 1 (+1 booby traps), Escape Artist 3, Lip Reading 1,   Merits: Sneak Attack! Opportunistic Brawler,   Health Levels: OK, OK, OK, OK, -1, -1, -2, -2, -3, -5, Incapacitated   Ollum Weakness  
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-Collme is monstrously deformed and cannot pass for a gnome even in low light. She uses "Inverse Appearance" rules   -Collme suffers a -2 penalty on all actions while in the presence of bright light. Moonlight is okay though she finds it mildly uncomfortable.   -Collme is schizophrenic with different voices in her head. Among other problems, she has to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) simply to avoid talking to herself for a scene, even if she is trying to be stealthy. She is also prone to take extreme offense at any real or imagined slight.   -Difficulty for others to track her by scent is reduced by -1.
  Ollum Powers  
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-Collme is still small like a gnome, but she is not “Puny”. She does not have the normal Strength penalty that gnomes possess. Her base movement rate is rate is 20, not 15 like with most gnomes.   -Collme retains the gnomes normal difficulty modifier on Charisma and Manipulation rolls. She does get a bonus on intimidation.   -Collme can see perfectly with even a tiny amount of light. Her sight is limited in pitch darkness but her nose and ears are so good that she can “see” perfectly within 100 feet minimum.   -Collme can pick up and manipulate items with her toes almost as well as she can with her fingers.   -Collme can summon sticky slime from her hands and feet at will. She can pick pocket at -1 difficulty and she can climb walls as fast as she can run. She can crawl on ceilings at a modest pace.  
  • Collme receives the same -1 difficulty modifier on Stealth rolls that non-cannibal gnomes have for moving silently. Collme has three bonus dice for avoiding visual detection due to her chameleon ability.
  • -Collme’s lanky arms and crazy finger grip strength means she does not receive the usual penalty for grappling rolls that gnomes suffer. If she successfully wins a round of grappling, she can inflict Strength +1 lethal damage with her bite with a Dex+ Brawl roll difficulty 4.   -Collme’s natural healing is double that of a normal person and she automatically passes all Stamina rolls required. She is immune to regular infections and other complications from untreated wounds.
    Neutral Evil
    Year of Birth
    1746 CE 92 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Phidas' Zodiac Year, Maylar's Zodiac Month

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