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Wyverns are a type of winged reptile that frequently make their homes on floating islands. They are small to medium sized, carnivorous, and solitary.

Basic Information


Wyverns are ectothermic vertebrates. Their bodies are covered with scales. They have four limbs.

Their forelimbs have three to four digits. At least one of those digits is extremely long, with a thin membrane stretching from its tip to somewhere along the wyvern's back. The effect is something akin to a bat's wing. Wyverns can also walk or climb with their winged limbs.

Wyverns are carnivorous and feed on small animals, fish, and/or insects. Their mouths are lined with sharp teeth. Some wyverns have a beak.

All wyverns are Luminous. They use Glow to aid in flight, self-defence, and to attract mates.

Ecology and Habitats

Most species of wyvern have limited geographical ranges. Birds of prey or dragons often out-compete them for resources. Wyverns most frequently make their homes on or around floating islands. By claiming floating vantage points, they can gain an edge over their other aerial competitors while staying safe from terrestrial threats.

Wyverns are found in temperate and tropical climates. Most species can be found along the Divide and east of the Shattered Peaks.

Genetic Descendants
Geographic Distribution

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