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Rivego is a forested region in the foothills of the Bloodpeaks that is currently claimed by the Kingdom of Rivego. Shrouded in mist, it is known for its natural beauty and complicated political history.


All of Rivego is a coniferous forest. Those who are not accustomed to it will find themselves easily lost in the maze of thick pines and firs.

Save for a rare icy trickle that winds its way between the trees, water is scarce. The flora and fauna instead rely on dew and fog, and have many adaptations that allow them to take advantage of as much moisture as they can. When it does rain, it is brief, and only during the end half of Dawn years. Otherwise, the only precipitation Rivego sees is snow and sleet. During Dusk years, Rivego is muffled by a thick layer of white.


What is now called Rivego has gone by countless names in the past. The true length of its history has been lost since the Darkness. In the thousand years afterward, it has traded hands many times.

It has been known as Rivego since 688 AD, when the enslaved Rivegonians finally overthrew their captors in a long and bloody war. The people that had once enslaved them were all killed or driven away, their legacies torched in their wake.

Since then, dynasties of Rivegonian monarchs have ruled over the land. It has seen periods of peace and periods of terrible violence, but it is still Rivego. To those who can trace their ancestry here to back before the Dark, it will always be Rivego, no matter what changes may come.

Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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Cover image: Lunar Cover by Aster Blackwell


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6 Feb, 2023 00:48

And to think that coniferous forests are so cozy, and this one would keep you thirsty.

Master PrincessESH
Aster Blackwell
6 Feb, 2023 02:21

We often forget that areas that are very cold can be nearly as dry as areas that are very hot!