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The Black Loom

"At first I thought it was the wolves, but as I listened, I realized it was much too consistent for that. A wolf that could make that sound never needed to pause for breath."

The Black Loom is a massive, jet black monolith that juts out of the jagged cliffsides of the Bloodpeaks. It is the tallest monolith in terms of altitude. It is almost perpeturally shrouded in clouds, which make it appear to stretch skyward forever.

The Loom is known for its particularly loud hum, thanks to the natural acoustics of the mountains surrounding it. The low, eerie drone can be heard from miles away from the monolith itself, even when it is not visible.


The Loom's main body is obsidian black, and just as shiny. Its veins are very thin and angular, and glow a pale lavender color. During the tail end of Dawn years, the Loom's veins become so dim that they can hardly be seen from a distance, and the entire monolith appears pitch black. During the darkest parts of Dusk years, the veins glow bright enough to color the surrounding snow purple. The Loom is known to weep at least once per Dusk year.


Despite being one of the largest monoliths on the planet, the Black Loom is not well known. Its isolated position and treacherous environment mean that few souls have ever directly visited it.

The Loom is known primarily through the sound of its hum, which can be heard from miles away during especially quiet nights. Some say to hear the song of the Loom is an omen of death or bad fortune. Others say it is instead a token of good luck. Its music is also the heart of many folk tales from the cultures near its territory. Because of the mournful tone of its song, most of these stories do not have happy endings.

Alternative Names
Tower of the Bloodpeaks, the Cursed Tower, the Howling Tower
Parent Location
15,000+ feet
2,000 feet
Cross Section
G Minor

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Cover image: Lunar Cover by Aster Blackwell


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