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Rannenat Kyokasei

General introduction

After the joint fleet of Sendar and its allies had been destroyed by Asterius Poírius Acássia, Rodasaikus wanted to get independant from Sendar and band up with other states willing to break with Sendar. For this the oracle of Keikanad Rei had to be consulted. The response came down the Tanvas Suissi and after short deliberation by the head priest, the heads of the military, cult and civil affairs were called to the temple to jointly work out the Rannenat Kyokasei.


The content of the oracle has been lost as most oracles don't get recorded. It has been interpreted as a strong advice to break free from Sendar and find allies to be able to fend off revenge attacks Sendar might start, though.

"Oh citizens,
be informed that the oracle told us to move on. We are no longer with Sendar, but must soon find new friends. Our ships were lost due to their failed plans and we will not endure to pay more blood and sweat for their endeavours. The Tarrabaenians to the North are strong and our ships are mere fagots to them. We shall no longer have Sendar burn our precious wood in Tarrabaenias fires!
Know that now we have to bear shields to keep the Norths wrath away from us. Know that now we make new friends, brandishing swords in our interest and shields to our defense as we brandish ours in their interest. We shall go out and seek these friends, let them be a strong brick in our bulwark from which one day we shall emerge to strike down our foes!
Our iron is no longer bound to be nails for ships, but only for our houses. Our food no longer sees the sea as it is meant to feed our children. Our Men will not have splinters in their hands unless they thatch their roofs. Rodasaikus now stands strong and with those, who else want to stand on their own feet.
So rejoice, citizens, for now our city rightfully has its walls, for a free city it is!"
 - Kiyokanat Ittinan, head priest of the temple to Keikanad Rei


As expected it did not take long for a conflict to spark between Rodasaikus and Sendar. Yet many other city states were discontent with the destruction of the fleet under Sendars leadership and the overall arrogance the Sendar people showed towards their allies. Some broke off and some of them rallied to Rodasaikus for cooperation and protection, which others tried to fend for themselves.

In the end, two alliances of city states emerged, one of which under Sendars leadership, the other led by Rodasaikus.

Decree, Religious


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