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General introduction

Sendar is the biggest Mdûlûn city state on the eastern shore of the Grey Sea ('Kaiyaks Kaimal' in Mdûlûn Tamôl, 'Mar Cánúto' in Tarrabaenian). While the Mdûlûn have a strong feeling of cultural cohesiveness, their range is divided into city states vying for dominance over each other. The Mdûlûn lands were once a continuous stretch of land along the Grey Sea's northern, northwestern and northeastern shores. The spread of first the Duiniken, then the Tarrabaenians left the western and eastern Mdûlûn divided by the rival states and by the sea.

As the Mdûlûn have always been a seafaring people, they soon intensified their naval activities and expanded their trading as well as their military fleets. While at the moment there is relative peace between the Tarrabaenians and the Mdûlûn city states, both parties keep their fleets for safety's reason. The biggest fleet on the Mdûlûns side and for that matter of all those bordering on the Grey Sea is that of Sendar.


Sendar is currently controlling almost all the coast line of the eastern Grey Sea with its huge natural harbour that is a station for the bigger part of its fleet. It is also the only city state in the east, that has spread its influence over a significant stretch of land. This happened through a series of clever contracts and treaties made over the decades. That is why Sendar can be considered the leading power in the east. It is not unchallenged though and has a strong rival in Rodasaikus, the southernmost Mdûlûn city state, that lies off the sea, wedged into the mountains. Whereas Sendar is the supreme naval power, Rodasaikus' prowess lies in the infantry.

While the two and their allies are often entangled in conflicts, Sendar is of the utmost importance to keep the Tarrabaenian fleet at bay. The long lasting conflict between the human Confederation and the Len city states has left both sides in a constant state of mutual distrust. Now the Tarrabaenians, while having a fleet, cannot attack the by far stronger Mdûlûn. The Mdûlûn on the other hand could harry the coast, but not achieve much meaningful progress. While each Mdûlûn city state, even Sendar and Rodasaikus would come to each others aid in case of a Tarrabaenian attack, they would hardly set aside their discrepancies to team up against the Tarrabaenians.


Sendar was only a minor Mdûlûn city state for the longest time. Only around the beginning of the Era of the Earth, silver mines where found close the the city which quickly propelled the once small town to a major player around the Grey Sea. For a while, Sendar was the main antagonist in the wars against the Duiniken, leading even so far as to have many Duiniken inscription mentioning not the Mdûlûn as a collective enemy or listing several city states, but only mentioning Sendar, although Mdûlûn sources about those times make it very clear, that it was a coalition of many Mdûlûn states fighting together.

After the Duiniken were defeated and driven away, the Tarrabaenians became the now target of Mdûlûn aggressions around the Grey Sea, as they had effortlessly slipped into the gap that the exhausting war between the Duiniken and Mdûlûn left around the northern shores of that sea, although the Mdûlûn were still claiming that land. What followed was a bitter war, starting after the Mdûlûn had recovered from their wars with the Duiniken. The Tarrabaenians proved to be equally strong opponents and drove back the Mdûlûn time and again. Eventually the Tarrabaenians started to build their own fleet as to prevent the Mdûlûn from accessing the shorelines too easily. This in turn led to a build-up of arms on the Mdûlûns side as well. In the end, Sendar formed an alliance with some of the city states that had their own fleets and took the leading role in that alliance, taking over all of the allied ships.

By that time, the connection between the Paunis river and its mouth at the Grey Sea was discovered by the Tarrabaenians. So the Tarrabaenians managed to get a fleet into the back of the fleet of Sendar and its allies and dealt devastating blows to their ships. This made it obvious to the Mdûlûn, that they needed to keep the alliance running. In the folowing years, the allies contributed more and more ships to Sendars fleet, as the contracts said, leading to Sendar being a massive naval force in the region.



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