Moonflower's WorldEmber Pledge 2022

moonflower-writing's WorldEmber Pledge by World Anvil


Number One - Make a Plan


Which world setting is the most important to you right now? Why?

The most important world setting for me at the moment is that of Sagitta Epsilon as a whole. I need to further flesh out my world so my novel works-in-progress can feel more alive and real. As of right now, Sagitta Epsilon still feels mostly like some dream far out of reach for me, and I hope to bring both the world and myself closer to actualizing the goal of publication.

Which area of that world setting will allow you to achieve your goals?

This WorldEmber of 2022, I intend to flesh out the Zao Livis Solar System, as it becomes a major player in later books and is lacking crucial information. In fact, I have not yet written anything about Zao Livis or its constituent pieces, so I'm working with an almost-blank canvas.

How will it help you achieve those goals?

I hope that giving Zao Livis life will further fill out the universe of Sagitta Epsilon. The intention is to make Sagitta Epsilon feel real to me, if not to others, and I sincerely aim to start that feeling in Zao Livis.

Number Two - Mini-Meta


The scope of my WorldEmber will be a single solar system in size. Specifically, I aim to flesh out the Zao Livis Solar System, including its star, the planet Niea, and other important pieces.

Themes and Mood

I'm aiming to have a GrayGlow or KnightCore feeling to the area I'm focusing on, depending on the exact article I'm working on. I am hoping for larger-scale articles such as ones on planets or other celestial bodies to have a KnightCore feeling. Smaller-scale articles like those on organizations or buildings will likely be more GrayGlow.

Goals and Inspiration

My goal for this WorldEmber is to get 12,000 words of worldbuilding on the Zao Livis Solar System. I am hoping 12k will be enough words to really get the solar system feeling real and fleshed out.
Inspiration sources for the Zao Livis Solar System include, but are not limited to the exoplanets TRAPPIST-1 e, Kepler-186 f, Kepler-452 b, and OGLE-2016-BLG-1195L b.

Number Three - Organize!

Tagging System

All WorldEmber 2022 articles will be tagged "we2022" as well as with their usual tags (system not yet revealed for ReasonsTM).

Has the Homework Been Helpful?

The first homework was very helpful for me, but the second was not as much. The third homework and fourth homework are also helpful to me. I think yo guys are doing great!

Number Four - CSS, Presentation, and Graphics

Style and Layout

I actually worked with Emily Armstrong to completely rework the CSS theme of Sagitta Epsilon in preparation for WorldEmber. It looks nice, doesn't it? I love it.

Visual Resources

Cover image: Sagitta Epsilon Header by Moonflower with Canva


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