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Sagitta Epsilon

05 September 2117 SE

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  Sagitta Epsilon is a universe of dying worlds, giant monsters, and technologically advanced societies. Set long after the destruction of Earth and lightyears away from the Milky Way Galaxy, trouble is brewing in the new interstellar hub of the universe.

"Eye of Eden" is the first book in the Eden Series, which, in turn, is the first series set in the world of Sagitta Epsilon. "Eye of Eden" is set in Eden III on the planet Pardisa.

Its summary is:

Eden III is one of the largest hubs on Pardisa, but the threat of the Empty has shown its face again. The planet-eating monsters cannot devour yet another sanctuary. Eden III's weapons will make sure of it.

Lilibet is nineteen when she's thrust into the reality of fighting the Empty. She isn't even an adult when the fate of Pardisa is rested on her shoulders. But, she's the only one with any chance of stopping the giant monsters plaguing the planet. She's the only one who is capable of leading the Sentinels to victory.