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Lorok Mining Company


The Lorok Mining Company is made up primarily of the Lorok family lineage. Five of the Lorok family clans became isolated in the western regions after the raising of the Hassn'Saual Mountains during the Great War. This event severed the Lorok family clans from the rest of the Hassn Kingdom, much of which was destroyed in the massive reforming of the land. Rolin and his brothers, Arok, Nordin, Lodin, and Nik and their families clans ended up being the surviving people of their old kingdom.

In hopes to find means to protect and provide for their families, the brothers went out to search for a new home. During their travels they came across the Ko'ten Ridge and the exposed raw black obsidian deposits that laid there. Having never seen such a large deposit sitting on the surface, the brothers investigate to find the cause of the phenomenon and to see if there were any other potential competition of what might be an answer to their prayers. It wasn't to long after their arrival did they experience another major earthquake. Their inital thoughts were that it was another event that was going to swallow them whole, but they survived and watched as the ridge itself changed in front of them and more obsidian seemed to surface. They spent a few days to collect what they could carry with them and devise a plan.

They sought out and spoke with the royal family of Leigham, presenting themselves as the Lorok Mining Company and offered their services to the royal family. They became the sole mining clan of black obsidian in the region.

An obsidian mining settlement was built and named after Lorok and became the new thriving home of the five clans. While most of the time and resources went into the mining of obsidian, the clans also provided the additional serivce to refine the mineral into whatever form was needed and worked with the mages from the Oasis of the Sun and Leigham.

Overtime the company didn't only have Grav as their members, but the Kuvlups warriors and Klannrix mages that provided additional support to the settlement were accepted into the ranks. The booming need for black obsidian created tremenous wealth and security for the clans for generations to come.
Founding Date
725 AHA
Corporation, Mining/Resources
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