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Unlike their kin races, they do not have the ability to shapeshift nor are they known for their Gosamyr abilities. What is unique to them is that they are sensitive to Gosamyr and while they cannot use it in the same way that other races can, their sensitivity to it allows for them to have a much higher understanding of it. They are the only race who have the capability for mining the physical form of Gosamyr, Obsidian. Because of their history with other races they do not give out mined Obsidian freely and it is usually at a high price. They are at odd terms with Fye and humans. They are also farmers and have mastered breeding a new breed of Twidlark that is sturdier and hardier and fit for colder climates.


Shortest of the Oria, standing between 54" - 61". They have a stocky build and curly hair. Earthen skin tones, warm brown.

Hair Color
Common - brown or blond

Eye Color
Common - Brown or Green; Uncommon - Blue

Unique Abilities
Have an affinity with ore and minerals. Known for their armor and weaponry as well as their jewels and precious stones.



The country of Carnala is the home kingdom of Grav. All Grav are rooted from here and it holds the oldest forms of Grav architecture. The mining guild Carnala Mining Guild was the origin mining guild and all other mining guilds must pay essentially a membership or permit fee to mine and be authorized under the guild's name. They are largely viewed as a massive powerhouse of untapped power or held power and at one point it was made of massive Gosaymr veins but due to continual use and forest pulling of the energy the country is largely weakened. This necessitated the overreach of the guild to maintain any access of control and power, maintaining the illusion that they internally still hold great power but in reality they largely export imported resources. It is because of interactions with other cultures in the early days of Carnala that the Grav have a great hesitation to give out the Obsidian they mine.


Lorok is one of a few Grav mining settlements that is outside the control of the Carnala empire as the settlement is under the protection of the Leighem Kingdom and a branch of the Etheri Guild. Though there is a mixed people that is found as residence of Lorok, the Grav family clan, the Lorokites, still hold firm traditions of their homeland.
Settlement | Jan 30, 2023
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Personality and Beliefs

Common Demeanor
Grav are the most reserved after the Tsuna people. They mostly want to stay with their families and mine and create amazing armor, weapons and jewels.

Commonly Held Beliefs
The Grav main beliefs are set in the deity, Toros.


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