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Lorok (Lo-rock)


Lorok was founded by the Lorok family clans shortly after the end of the Great War. Rolin, the leader of the clan, and his brothers found a large black obsidian deposit in the country Leigham and in hopes to save their families, presented themselves to the Leigham King and Queen as the Lorok Mining Company and pledged their services to them. Lorok was named about Rolin's family lineage as it was established as a large black obsidian mining settlement. It can be found in the Ashen Plains, near the Ko'ten Ridge fault line. Lorok is responsible for refining the black obsidian that is brought in by the smaller mining camps.

Agriculture and Trading

The primary purpose of this settlement is its massive export of black obsidian that was used to reestablish Leigham as a formidable kingdom after the Great War. Living in a harsh environment the Lorokites only keep a few sturdy livestock in their care that provides a small source of food. However, most of their resources are imported in from the capital kingdom, mainly so most of the Lorokites can focus their energy on mining the black obsidian. They use a desert variant twidlark, a pack animal, to pull the mining wagons from the mining camps to Lorok.


The buildings are mainly wooden structures, with the primary supports of the buildings made from the wood of the trees of the Ethgravi Forest that has been rune protected from earthquake and fire damage.
The Iron Gate District is the largest and most active district in Lorok. The refinery, smelter, blacksmith, and a few other craft workshops are found in this district. It is the most guarded district and only those who are to be there are allowed there. The barracks for the guards that are stationed here is found in this district.   The South Road District is one of the busiest districts, especially during peak trading season. Any visitors that may stop by Lorok can find lodging and food here, however they are not usually invited to stay long. Visitor that do come, usually just pass through on their way to Da'ja or Leigham and are not allowed to travel past the South Gate District. The lodging for the mages that reside here can find their quarters and their personal shops here.   The Green Gate District is the residential district of all those who reside in Lorok. The stables, a few gardens, a couple kitchens, the main hall and the housing for the Lorok family clans are found in this district.
Founding Date
725 AHA
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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