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Ashen Plains

The Ashen Plains is a great rolling plains that expands between the capital city Faenan and the trading city Da'ja, along the western border of the region, Leigham. What seems like a prelude destination to the desolate land of the Da'ja Desert; since the Great War it has become an unique locale of natural resources and native flora and fauna. On the east side sits the large mining settlement, Lorok; the supporting settlement for the small mining camps that dot the arid landscape.
  The Lorok Mining Company is the resident mining guild that oversees the mining and production of harvesting the sought after, black Obsidian. The Ko'ten Ridge Faultline stretches across the Ashen Plains, houses one of the largest surface deposit of black obsidian.


The Ashen Plains received its name from the ash grey, black obsidian, rich soil. It is home to the Ko'ten Ridge Fault Line and the Ho'kota Plateau. The southern stretch of the plains gets seasonal thunderstorms and the northern most of the fault line sits the plateau littered with hot springs.

Localized Phenomena

Ko'ten Ridge Fault Line is a very distinct ridge that is always changing due to frequent seismic activity. About every 10 years there is a massive earthquake that it is felt throughout neighboring regions. It can be felt as far as the heart of the Da'ja Desert and the Dybbuk Forest.   These earthquakes cause two more unique phenomenon's to occur. It's main purpose is that the earthquakes push black obsidian to the surface. The other phenomenon is that the earthquakes wake the female fire scarabs from their hibernation and signal the start of their breeding migration to the new obsidian formations. This migration pattern has been tracked by the Lorok Mining Company each season to find the new deposits.

Fauna & Flora

There are a few species, flora and fauna alike, that call the Ashen Plains home, each with an important role to play. The most iconic flora species that is found among the obsidian dotted landscape is the Glass Cactus. Aside from the Fire Scarab, which visit the plains every decade, the common predator that roams the craggy grasslands in hopes of a meal, is the Quill Hound.

Natural Resources

Obsidian is the physical from of Gosamyr and is one of the most sought after material in a world that is slowly losing its connection to Gosamyr. The Ashen Plains is home to the largest Black Obsidian deposit in the world that seems to be always producing. This vein that is found along the Ko'ten Ridge fault line that is pushed to the surface by an earthquake every decade, making it one of the easiest obsidian to mine for. Though it is still not without its dangers of earthquakes, Quill Hounds, and raiders and obsidian consuming pest, Fire Scarabs.
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Lorok Mining Company
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