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Gosamyr is the magic that flows through the veins in the world and is found in every living thing on Rysidor. There are those who can naturally control Gosamyr that are known as Etheri and then there are others that are known at Runii that are mages who use obsidian to channel gosamyr or cymeria. Runii create spell stones or runes which can be infused with various armor, weapons and other objects.   Obsidian is one of two different physical forms of Gosamyr. The need for obsidian has only increased since the Crossover as the population of half-blooded rise and are not Etheri Touched and there for needs a stronger external source of gosamyr to do any forms of magic. Only those who are of royal blood or have schooling to become a Runii have access to more powerful obsidian runes. After Black Obsidian, Blue and Green Obsidian are commonly used by merchants, artisans, farmers, builders, and sailors.

Types of Obsidian

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Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is completely void of any traces of Gosamyr. It is the hardest form of obsidian and can be found in Ashen Plains. Black Obsidian has a unique characteristic. With the absence of gosamyr, black obsidian can be used as a source to contain both gosamyr and cymerian. Though word of caution. It is extremely important that these two forms of magic do not mix as there will be a catastrophic consequence.   Etheri can fill these stones with different gosamyr that will allow other Etheri and Runii to have access to different forms of gosamyr that are not found in obsidian. Though these stones can hold power, a blue or red filled black obsidian stone is not as strong as its pure source of Blue Obsidian or Red Glimmer.   The kingdom of Leigham is currently in control over the largest deposit of black obsidian that has been found. While it is an abundant resource, many still seek it out to create their own runes.  

Blood Obsidian

It is black obsidian that is filled with Cymerian, giving it a blood red color. Depending on how much is in the obsidian determines its use. It is most often used by guards and military to neutralize a target of their Gosamyr. However this stone can also be overpowered with Cymerian so it can kill someone by absorbing all of their gosamyr.

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Purple Obsidian

Purple Obsidian is known for giving the user various forms of bodily manipulations, which includes enhanced senses, enhanced strength, enhanced endurance, adaptive muscle memory, animal shapeshifting, and invisibility (a form of voidwalk). This form of obsidian is a rare find. There are rumored of a few active mines in the Ko'ten Mountain Range.

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Indigo Obsidian

Indigo Obsidian is used primarily by royalty, elite, and military. It has the ability to give the user the ability to sense the intentions and also the magical aptitude of another and detect poisons and traps. Like Purple Obsidian, Indigo Obsidian is another rare form of obsidian. One vein was found on the eastern peninsula in Torros and is a closely guarded secret as to where the exact location is.

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Blue Obsidian

Blue obsidian rumored to be found in the far north regions and old lore surrounds it that massive undiscovered deposits are responsible for the northern lights and the northern magnetic pull that affects the ocean tides and moon cycles. There are a few small deposits that have been found scattered around the north but most of those mines have been depleted. This obsidian is connected to water manipulation, magnetic manipulation and breathing underwater.

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Green Obsidian

Green Obsidian is most reliable and stable form of obsidian. It is found in the mines of the east side of Hassn'Saual mountains, currently owned by the country Eshaine. It is widely used for the purposes of agriculture, architecture, and wards.


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