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The Elemental Plane of Air

The Elemental Plane of Air is a presumably endless plane, known for its strong winds and beautiful sapphire skies. It is one of the four pure elemental planes, with the others being The Elemental Plane of Water, The Elemental Plane of Earth and The Elemental Plane of Fire.


The Elemental Plane of Air is divided into four major regions, each encompassing the smaller region in a roughly circular fashion. At the center of the plane spins the Everstorm, a vast hurricane that spins endlessly. Everything that is sucked into the Everstorm is quickly sundered and flung back out as dust.   Surrounding the Everstorm is a series of small rock chunks known as Gornan's Belt. While this region is incredibly dangerous due to its proximity to the Everstorm, there are a few creatures that make this region their home, primarily Dust Elementals and Invisible Stalkers.   The third region of the Elemental Plane of Air is known as the Islands of Verr. This is the most populated area, and the area most visited when traveling there. While there is still significant winds in this area, it is weak enough to walk around in, and the presence of massive floating islands makes this area ideal for cities.   Finally, the endless expanse that wraps around the rest of the plane is known as The Eternal Blue. Here, the winds barely shift, making it the ideal place to build. However, the region is very sparse and building in it requires either the creation or transport of materials. This causes any building of land to be incredibly costly.
Dimensional plane
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Elemental Chaos
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