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Islands of Verr

The Islands of Verr are a series of floating islands that reside in the The Elemental Plane of Air. Circling Gornan's Belt, they are a windy, yet peaceful, region of the elemental planes. Almost every settlement in the Elemental Plane of Air is located in the Islands of Verr, with the remainder being located in The Eternal Blue.   The Islands of Verr are often used as a reference point for gravity in the Elemental Plane of Air, due to them being the largest uniform landmass in the whole plane. This is due to the unique nature of gravity in the plane being relative to the amount of rock present in a specific area, allowing for miniature "worlds" to form and create unique islands. Most of these outer islands, if not protected in some way, eventually collide with the outer edges of the mainland islands and form to become a part of them.  

Notable Locations

There are a number of notable regions within the Islands of Verr, most of which are inhabited by at least one or more settlement.  

The Ivory Peninsula

The Ivory Peninsula is the upper-class region of the Islands of Verr. Here you can find most of the major figureheads of the plane, along with almost any ambassadors or figureheads from any of the other planes of existence while they are visiting the Elemental Plane of Air. It is the one location on the plane that is more sought after than the Eternal Blue.  

Borgar's Slums

Borgar's Slums is the strip of land closest to the Gornan's Belt, and is considered to be the poorest region of the Islands. Due to the sheer proximity to the Belt and the near constant battering of sand and dust, the homes and fields in the region are stuck in a permanent state of disrepair.  

Craggle Offset

Craggle Offset is a region comprised almost exclusively of monasteries residing in a large clump of massive mountains. These monasteries preside mostly near or at the top of these mountains and have intentionally small amounts of contact with the outside world. They primarily provide for themselves, living off the land and the creatures that live in the mountains, though they will occasionally come into the mainland to do trade and spread their knowledge.


The Islands of Verr have a mostly jagged landscape, littered with jagged mountains and hills primarily formed by collisions with other islands. Despite this, many cities are still built within the mountains as they often hold large lakes between themselves, protecting the water from drying up quickly in the wind.

Fauna & Flora

Tall lifeforms are rare on the Elemental Plane of Air, and the Islands of Verr are no exception to this rule. While many have settled in this once humanoid free plane, it was once completely free of all civilization, hosting only a few species of animals and a large number of elementally attuned creatures. One such creature is the Dire Sloth, a massive Sloth like creature that walks low to the ground and grips the earth with its massive claws.   The flora of the Elemental Plane of Air follows similar rules to that of the fauna, though there are a number of notable exceptions to this on the Islands of Verr. One such exception is the Umbrella Tree, which uses the intense winds that can occasionally blow through the landscape as a self-defense mechanism. Other trees, such as the Stonewood Tree, have simply developed incredibly strong fibers to prevent being blown over. Flowers and smaller plant life flourish in the strong winds, which allow them to propagate their seeds to incredibly distant locations.

Natural Resources

Due to the Islands of Verr being the calmest section of the Elemental Plane of Air with natural earth, there are a number of species that only exist in this location. Almost every creature without the ability to fly that lives in the Elemental Plane of Air resides on these islands, along with any species of plant that would otherwise get knocked over by the constant winds closer to the Everstorm.

Alternative Name(s)
Island, Floating

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