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Rosedium is an immensely rare type of mineral, usually found only in tiny quantities. While the stone has little use on its own, it can be used to channel magic at levels unimaginable to most. It is known to be used in only a small number of objects and usually owned exclusively by Gods , such as in Zariel's Sunder and part of Orgmar's Mallet.


Physical Characteristics

Rosedium is usually found in small pink bulbous clumps, usually deep within the surface of Ruten.


Rosedium has some strange physical properties that lead many to believe that the material has an innate, undetectable magic to it. While the material is incredibly rigid, allowing it to serve well for bludgeoning weapons, it seems to also have an elasticity to it when forged into piercing or cutting weapons. This allows it to hold up and hit solidly in any form of weapon the rosedium is forged into.   The material also has incredible energy resistance properties, with a small piece being still cool to the touch even after hours of being heated in a forge or left in freezing weather. This extends to resisting electricity too, with the same small piece being able to resist one billion watts, or one-tenth of the average lightning strike.

History & Usage

Reusability & Recycling

Rosedium can be reforged as frequently as needed without losing any properties in the process.


Trade & Market

Rosedium is so valuable it's normally only traded with Astral Coins


Rosedium does not require the use of any special storage methods.

Law & Regulation

While the use and ownership of rosedium does not have any special laws in most places, owning a piece of it paints a large target on the owner's head for thieves and other criminals.

Impossibly rare.
Rosedium is scentless.
Rosedium tastes slightly like Copper.
Bright pink.
Common State

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