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Orgmar's Mallet

Orgmar's Mallet is a Warhammer known for its incredible size and power. Rumored to be handcrafted by Orgmar herself, the hammer has seen use on many battlefields, serving both good and evil depending on who Orgmar chose to wield it. Its current whereabouts are unknown, though the last known location was on the island of Lish.   Orgmar's Mallet is known to perpetuate war itself, and is known to be the cause of at least one war since its entry into Ruten. While some say that the mallet directly causes impulses in its wielder to start wars, others believe that it instead alters fate itself to cause these situations instead, whether the wielder wants it or not.


Those who wield Orgmar's Mallet are said to become incredible warriors, though they do not always end up as warriors on the side that they wish to fight for.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Orgmar's Mallet is one of a kind.
Raw materials & Components
Nearly the entirety of Orgmar's Mallet is made from solid Platinum wrapped in various scrap rags and cloths. Despite how loose the ratty fabric is, they never seem to fall off of the mallet, and cannot be removed by any known means.

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