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Morvall is a Human Vampire that the city of Morvallheim was named after and ran by. He originally masqueraded as a cruel ruler, keeping slaves and torturing people for entertainment. This, however, was all shown to be a cover story when he was confronted by Lunaria, When confronted by a Daughters Of The Starweaver, he revealed that he was allowing the supposed slaves to take refuge in his city, protecting them from the attempted genocide that was facing the rest of Bjiord, and that the supposed victims of his torture were actually working with him to keep up the facade he had created.   Due to Nunda Idepo's general distrust towards Morvall, Nunda sealed the first key for breaking the barrier inside of Morvall's heart. Morvall, knowing that the only way to release the key was his own death, gave Starcast to Lunaria to pierce his chest with. Realizing there was no other way to gain the key, Lunaria eventually did so, killing Morvall in the process. This was not permanent though, as Jaren Solaire called upon his patron Solaire in desperation, who answered the call with a True Resurrection spell and brought Morvall back to life. He is now part of the Bjiordian Resistance and an ally to the Heroes of Reshnia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Morvall seems to be in a quite healthy condition, despite his vampirism. He is visibly strong and does not seem to tire quickly when traveling. On top of this, he is a fully fledged vampire, which allows him to use abilities a normal human would not be capable of.

Personality Characteristics


Morvall is driven by a wish to avenge the death of his wife, the servitude of his goddess The Starweaver, and the consistent guilt of not being able to save more Bjiordians than he was already able to.

Vices & Personality flaws

Morvall is self sacrificing to the point of near stupidity, putting himself in significant danger to prevent even minor harm towards those he wishes to protect.


Family Ties

Morvall is not known to have any living family.

Religious Views

Morvall is a fervent worshipper of the Starweaver, being willing to die or kill for her, should she require it.

Social Aptitude

Morvall is incredibly polite and regal in his methods, though he can play this off as manipulative when the scenario requires him to create such a facade.

Wealth & Financial state

While he was the ruler of Morvallheim, he was incredibly rich. Most of this wealth was left behind when he fled the city to Western Bjiord, though he was able to carry a small amount of Platinum and several sentimental trinkets.

Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Morvall was, by his own testimony, born as an ordinary, relatively uninteresting human.
Piercing green
Long, slicked back black hair, with mild greying
Aligned Organization
Bjiordian Resistance
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Morvall is only known to speak Common.

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