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Greznok the Great

Greznok Rudigan (a.k.a. Grampa Grez)

Greznok The Great was a Human wizard who designed The Rudigan Raillines. He was a resident of Rochdale, the location in which the Rudigan raillines were originally dug from.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As per many wizards of his age, Greznok was physically frail, and had it not been for his magic would have not lived nearly as long as he did.

Special abilities

Greznok was an extremely advanced wizard, capable of enchanting and summoning much faster than other wizards of his strength. He specialized in enchanting power cores for his trains, in the form of Focus Cores.

Specialized Equipment

Greznok was known to constantly carry a pipe that, instead of smoke, blew out bubbles.

Mental characteristics


Previously a council member in Rochdale and a magic shop owner, Greznok retired to work at the railline until his age prevented him from doing so.

Mental Trauma

Greznok was known to have an obscure fear of plums, refusing to discuss the reasons behind this fear even to those who were closest to him.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Greznok was known to be kind and caring to everyone, if a bit gruff. This included those who worked under him, which was heavily against the social norm in Rochdale at the time. Because of this, many began to call him "Grampa Grez".


Contacts & Relations

The Rochdale Council (previous affiliation)

Wealth & Financial state

Greznok was extremely rich due to being a member of the council and due to his magic shop, however, much of his funds went into designing the raillines.
9270 AR 9563 AR 293 years old
Current Residence
Rochdale (place of burial)
Known Languages
Greznok was known to be able to speak fluent Common and Elvish, and could communicate in Dwarven and Draconic due to spending extended time with his workers.

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