In the stillness of my meditation, I, Zhizhi Laoshu, touch the ineffable. Yet, even as I dwell in this sanctuary of the mind, my senses alert me to an intruder. With a flick of my tail, I spring into action, my tiny form a blur of motion. My paws touch the ground lightly, as if caressing the very earth, and I launch myself at the intruder—a shadowy figure seeking to disrupt the balance.   My Ki surges through me, channeled into my paws, transforming them into weapons of divine retribution. With a series of rapid strikes, each one a symphony of precision and power, I disarm my opponent, rendering him incapacitated but unharmed. It is the Open Hand Way—force tempered by compassion.   As I return to my meditative pose, the intruder retreats, his eyes filled with a mixture of awe and fear. I have shown him the folly of his ways, not through words, but through action. For I am the Mightiest Under the Stars, a guardian of balance in a world teetering on the edge of chaos.   The material world fades once more, its transient concerns put to rest, if only for a moment. My Ki resonates with the universe, a harmonious vibration that transcends the limitations of flesh and bone. Duty calls me back, but now it is a call I answer with renewed vigor. With a flick of my tail, I return to the now, my spirit fortified, ready for the challenges that await.



In the realm of Rolara, where the fabric of reality is woven with threads of arcane and divine energies, the title of "Monk" is not one to be taken lightly. To be called a Monk is to have traversed the labyrinthine corridors of the mind, body, and spirit, emerging as a paragon of balance and discipline.   The journey to monkhood begins in the hallowed halls of various training institutions, each with its own storied history and unique approach to the martial and mystical arts. Whether it be the imperial training halls of Jiaohai, the Dojos of Kyotan, or the clandestine clubs of Videha, aspirants must undergo rigorous training that challenges the limits of their physical and mental capabilities.   Education in these institutions is not merely a matter of mastering strikes and stances. It is an odyssey into the realms of metaphysics and anatomy, a quest for the sublime understanding of the myriad forms of life that inhabit Rolara and beyond. Aspirants study ancient texts, engage in meditative practices, and partake in sparring sessions that are as much a test of philosophy as they are of physical skill.   Central to a Monk's education is the mastery of Ki, an enigmatic form of energy that dwells within all things. Neither purely arcane nor wholly mundane, Ki represents the balance of the Yin and Yang of the Multiverse. Aspirants must learn to harness and manipulate this energy, achieving feats that defy the laws of physics and metaphysics alike.   While many Monastic traditions boast Lineages that stretch back into the mists of antiquity, the true origins of these arts are shrouded in the veils of time. Yet, this enigmatic past serves not as a hindrance but as a wellspring of inspiration, a testament to the enduring relevance of the Monk's path.   To be called a Monk in Rolara is, therefore, not merely a statement of profession but a declaration of a life devoted to the pursuit of enlightenment, balance, and the mastery of the self. It is a title earned through years of disciplined study, relentless training, and a continual quest for spiritual and existential understanding.

Career Progression

The career of a Monk adventurer is a journey of perpetual evolution. It is a path that demands not only martial prowess but also spiritual enlightenment, a balance that few can maintain but all strive to achieve.   The nascent stages of a Monk's career often find them within the sanctified walls of a dojo, such as Sensei Ryudo's esteemed establishment in Kyotan. Here, they are but novices, their spirits untempered and their techniques unrefined. They are subjected to a regimen of rigorous training, their days filled with meditation, sparring, and the study of ancient texts.   As they ascend through the ranks, Monks begin to undertake quests that test their mettle and their understanding of the cosmic balance. These quests often serve dual purposes: they are both a rite of passage and a means to acquire the resources or knowledge necessary for the Monk's personal and communal growth.   Mid-career Monks are often dispatched on missions of great import, their skills honed to a point where they can confront and resolve threats that would overwhelm lesser individuals. It is at this stage that many Monks begin to specialize, choosing a particular path or school of thought that aligns with their personal philosophies and the needs of their community.   The apogee of a Monk's career is often marked by a return to the dojo, but not as a student—rather, as a master. In the case of Sensei Ryudo's dojo, this would mean taking on the role of a mentor, responsible for imparting wisdom and techniques to a new generation of Monks. Yet, even at this pinnacle, the Monk's journey is not complete. For the path of the Monk is not a linear progression but a cyclical one, a never-ending quest for balance, enlightenment, and the betterment of both self and realm.



Though the lands of Rolara teem with monstrous threats and shadowy dangers, the demand for Monks remains curiously subdued, especially when contrasted with the ever-present need for Fighters. This disparity, however, is not a reflection of the Monk's capabilities but rather an insight into the unique role they occupy within society.   Fighters, with their martial prowess and arsenal of weapons, serve as the bulwark against external threats. They are the sword and shield of civilization, ever ready to clash steel with fang and claw. Monks, on the other hand, serve a more nuanced role, one that transcends the mere physicality of combat.   Within the dojo walls, Monks are custodians of ancient wisdom and spiritual philosophies. They are the keepers of balance, both metaphysical and existential. Their mastery over Ki allows them to heal, to protect, and even to delve into the mysteries of the mind. Thus, while Fighters may be the first line of defense against a marauding horde, Monks are often the last line of defense against existential threats that cannot be vanquished by steel alone.   Moreover, Monks often serve as mediators and diplomats, their balanced approach to life making them ideal candidates for resolving disputes and fostering alliances. Their understanding of the cosmic equilibrium allows them to navigate the complexities of politics and power with a clarity that eludes most.   Yet, despite their myriad contributions, Monks are often misunderstood, their talents underutilized. Society, ever in need of immediate solutions, tends to overlook the long-term benefits of balance and wisdom. But those who have felt the touch of a Monk's healing Ki, or have witnessed their uncanny ability to diffuse volatile situations, know that their role is indispensable.   Thus, while the demand for Monks may be less overt, their impact on society is profound, serving as a reminder that not all battles are won with sword and shield; some require the mind, the spirit, and the heart.

Social Status

The perception of Monks within Rolara's diverse societies is a complex tapestry woven from threads of historical legacy, cultural values, and practical utility. While Monks are not ubiquitously sought after in the way that Fighters or Mages might be, they are far from being considered a lower "caste" occupation.   Monks occupy a unique niche, often viewed as ascetics who have transcended the mundane concerns of everyday life. Their mastery over Ki and their disciplined lifestyle imbue them with an aura of mystique, making them subjects of both reverence and curiosity. However, this very mystique can sometimes serve as a double-edged sword. While many admire the Monks for their wisdom and balance, others view them with suspicion, associating their esoteric practices with heresy or witchcraft.   In communities where the balance of cosmic and elemental forces is highly valued, Monks are often held in high esteem. They serve as spiritual guides, healers, and even as arbiters in disputes, their impartiality fortified by their philosophical teachings. In such societies, a Monk's counsel is highly sought after, and their presence is considered a blessing.   Conversely, in more militaristic or materialistic societies, Monks are often relegated to the peripheries. Their lack of overt martial prowess or magical firepower makes them less appealing for tasks that require brute force or arcane might. In these settings, Monks are rarely persecuted, but they are also rarely prioritized, their skills and wisdom overshadowed by the immediate demands of war and commerce.   Therefore, while Monks may not enjoy universal acclaim, they are far from marginalized. Their role and reputation vary widely, shaped by the cultural, spiritual, and pragmatic needs of the societies they inhabit.


In the realm of Rolara, where the Stars of Power lay dormant for over 1500 years, the scarcity of Monks among the populace stands as a compelling enigma. Despite the resurgence of arcane energies and the rekindling of divine connections, Monks remain one of the rarest player class options, a fact that invites both curiosity and scholarly investigation.   Estimates suggest that less than one percent of Rolara's population is engaged in the profession of Monk. This rarity is not a product of societal disdain or lack of utility; rather, it is a reflection of the stringent requirements and esoteric nature of the Monk's path. The rigorous training, the mastery of Ki, and the philosophical depth required to walk this path make it accessible only to a select few. Moreover, the Monastic traditions often require a lifetime commitment, further narrowing the pool of potential aspirants.   The scarcity of Monks also serves to amplify their mystique and the reverence accorded to them. In a world where the arcane had been sealed away, the Monks' ability to manipulate Ki—a force neither entirely magical nor entirely mundane—made them subjects of both awe and scrutiny. Their rarity made each Monk a living testament to a nearly forgotten art, a bridge between Rolara's arcane past and its uncertain future.
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