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Lady Wu

Lady Zhao Wu (a.k.a. Lady of the Day)

The King had a Longma with a terrible temperament. It was so large and strong, no one could get onto the back of the beast. As I was a lady in waiting, attending to the King, I suggested to him, "I only require three things to subdue and tame the steed. Give me an adamantine whip, an adamantine hammer, and an adamantine dagger. First, I will whip the Longma. If it rebukes us, I will crack its skull with the hammer. Should it still refuse servitude, I will cut its heart out with the dagger." The King approved of my bravery, praising me over his elite guards. With that in mind, what makes you think you're worthy enough to dirty my dagger?
-Lady Wu (upon discovering an assassin in her room).

  Lady Wu was a consort who operated out of the Village of Sowa until 921 Celestial Calendar. After a series of gruesome murders, she left for Jiaohai with a large procession. Rumors have matched her with Lang Wen, the current King of Jiaohai.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Remarkably healthy, with a full mouth of teeth and bred from Sowa nobility. Despite her busy schedule, she maintains a lean and fit figure.

Body Features

Lady Wu uses her physical features to manipulate and control conversations with men. She is particularly proud of her d├ęcolletage and her legs, and spends at least 3 hours preparing herself with her attendants each morning.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lady Wu, without the help of her deceased noble parents or their family, became a famous consort to kings and nobles in order to advance her own goals. She began operating in Sowa, where she was born. In 921 Celestial Calendar, the King of Jiaohai summoned her to his court in The Secret Sealed City of Heaven. A large procession of attendants, staff, and animals went with her to the capital city of the Jiao Alliance.


Educated not only by her noble relatives when young, she also studied for the Civil Service Examination to become a civil servant in Sowa. Her results aren't known, but ultimately she sought to improve her relationship and interpersonal skills, and instead followed the path of a consort.

Failures & Embarrassments

The poorest man in Sowa was killed violently after a night with the consort. What this means, or what led to his demise, is still unknown. Originally, Mo-Ren was a suspect, but eventually the treachery of Shenmi was discovered. The truth may never be uncovered.


It is taboo to directly provide the gifts or tribute necessary to secure her services directly to her; this is true of most courtesans in the Mythic Land of Jiao.

Personality Characteristics


Her only goals appear to enrich and/or empower herself.


Contacts & Relations

Tang Tang reported a rumor to the Black Team that Lady Wu has a secret son.

Social Aptitude

Confident and adept at navigating conversation. She wields words like magic, and can enchant men with a glance that doesn't even make eye contact.


Unless she is attending to you directly, her words come from behind a fan.

Hobbies & Pets

She has a pet Elephant, a gift from a far away noble. It has grown to quite a size.


Lady Wu


Towards Dancing Phoenix


Dancing Phoenix


Towards Lady Wu


Wealth & Financial state

High class, wealthy.
Current Location
Date of Birth
899 Celestial Calendar
Long, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Deep Speech


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