The Platinum Ha'Tutsem Myumbishkmillash Lorciar (a.k.a. Radiant)

Ha'Tutsem was an ancient Dragonborn who left his people to find his calling. What he found was Ketenem. He used the power of the Dragon God and delivered such destruction to the city of evil beings that it is said there still remains a sea of sand and glass where the city once stood.   He now inhabits the Greataxe he once wielded and hopes to inspire new heroes to destroy evil and enjoy peace when it comes. Balasar has this axe.    





Legendary Dragonborn of Good Alignment Requires Attunement

The Axe has 3 charges. You may use your action to spend any number of charges on the abilities below.  
  • Revivify: Cast revivify for 1 charge.
  • Fireball: Cast fireball as a Level 5 spell for 2 charges.
  Ha'Tutsem will regain 1d3+1 charges at dawn each day. Additionally, any plant that is also not a creature is destroyed when touched by the attuned character's scales.

Ha'Tutsem was the Great Axe that belonged to the Legendary Paladin of Ketenem that had the same name. His spirit now lives within the Axe, guiding a future generation of Paladins.

The stats for Ha'Tutsem give details for how to play this legendary hero.

Type Damage Damage Range
Martial Melee 1d12 Slashing

Cost: 225,000 GP
Weight: 7 lbs

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Ha'Tutsem doesn't like to talk about his childhood, but don't mistake his hesitance for reluctance; he doesn't remember it clearly. Of course, he grew up in Aikibira, where he was schooled and spent much time at sea. He even remembers having dear friends and fishing with his Grandfather.    

Early Adulthood

Ha'Tutsem found sailors from Outside after their ship had wrecked in the Misty Veil around Aikibira. He defended them in the Senate against accusations of espionage; the men had come seeking refuge from a storm. Eventually, convinced the Outside needed his help, Ha'Tutsem left with the human stranger.  

Serving Ketenem

The man who left with Ha'Tutsem had been a thief and stole the stockpiled draught of longevity that many coveted of Aikibira. Feeling betrayed, Ha'Tutsem left in search of peace and meaning. He fought off monsters and banished evil spirits, and sought to help each person who deserved justice. Ketenem appeared before him as a speaking stone and bade him travel to a temple where he was worshipped. There, he warned, wicked men had their hearts corrupted, and instead of worshipping Ketenem, they committed evil sins in the temple and made a mockery of the ground they stood upon.


Aikibiran education is near without peers; it is free, delves deep into low-level magical theories and applications, and higher education is also free. Having this standard education has made him quite the clever warrior, and his training under proper patriarchs of Ketenem blessed him with miraculous abilities beyond what even a Dragonborn wizard could perform.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ha'Tutsem claims to have been given the option to become an angel and refused to lead new generations of worshippers and paladins.

Failures & Embarrassments

He is embarrassed for having been hoodwinked by the "lowbrow fool" who stole the draught of longevity from his people.

Morality & Philosophy

Despises acts of evil and foul aberrations, and when violence is the answer to a problem that violence should be executed swiftly and with deference to Ketenem.


Do not look directly at or touch Ketenem. He will remove the offending body part and offer it to the Dragon God as a way of appeasing his great anger.
Known Languages
He can read and write extensively in Draconic. He also understands the thoughts and intentions of the one attuned to him. Occasionally, he has demonstrated an ability to speak telepathically to a Paladin of Ketenem.


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