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Elven High Magic

The ancient high magic of the elves was the stuff of legend. This branch of the arcane was said to use ritual based magic to enchant entire cities, change fate, and even reshape the world. It is a power that nearly infringes upon the authority of the gods. Powerful practitioners of this school of magic were rare, however, and they guarded their secrets so jealously that it was widely believed elven high magic had died out and its power could no longer be found in the world.

Rare & Powerful

With high magic and sufficient time, an clan of Elf wizards could accomplish just about anything. It was a closely guarded secret, practiced only by the elves and their shadow fey relatives. Non-elves were never taught the ways of this school. It was both a sign of the elves’ sense of superiority and it was also an unfortunate practicality. High magic could take centuries to master, and humans and other short-lived races simply don’t live long enough to become skilled in this art.


A famous example of Elven High Magic is the spell, Create Mythal, which requires at least nine individual casters of a high level to perform. This spell created a Mythal, powerful and far ranging protective magics.


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