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Create Mythal

Nine Elven High Archmages must cast this spell in unison, expending all available uses of their ritual focus in the process. This spell creates a Mythal, a permanent magical effect that covers a radius of 50 miles. This spell is cast as a ritual spell and also consumes a tenth level spell slot from each caster, and the casting duration is always 8 hours.
  Once the spell is cast, each caster has their maximum hit points permanently reduced by 2d10. Additionally, the casters permanently reduce their Constitution score by one. These reductions cannot be altered in anyway, and can only be restored by the casting of a Wish spell.
  The created Mythal can have up to 9 effects. The casters can choose different targeting parameters for each effect. A Mythal might target fey creatures for its protective effects, but target humanoids with its illusions or enchantments.
  The effects of any spell of a lower level known and prepared by the casters can be applied to the Mythal, with unlimited duration and a range of 50 miles. Each caster encodes a single effect into the Mythal.
  The effects can be altered in minor ways with the DM's approval. For example, one caster might want to encode a mage hand effect into the Mythal, allowing anyone within range of the Mythal to cast the spell mage hand intuitively. Whether something like this is allowed is up to the DM.
  Two Mythal's cannot exist within 100 miles of each other, and the effects of a Mythal can only be edited by another casting of this spell.
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