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The Dreamweavers are a group of highly enlightened Kalashtar who have mastered the art of navigating the Dreamweave. They are the guardians, guides, and rulers of this metaphysical plane, having achieved a level of Consciousness that allows them to manipulate the Dreamweave's fabric to an extent that no other beings can.   The Dreamweavers came to power through a combination of innate talent, rigorous training, and profound understanding of the nature of consciousness. Each Dreamweaver was chosen from a young age, identified by the intensity of their Dreamglow and their sensitivity to Dream Echoes and Oneiric Manifestations. These chosen ones underwent rigorous training, learning to navigate the Dreamweave, communicate with the consciousness of others, and manipulate the dreamscapes.   The Dreamweavers represent the pinnacle of consciousness in Rolara, embodying the interconnectedness of all beings and the power of dreams. They are the epitome of empathy and understanding, able to perceive the dreams and thoughts of others with unparalleled clarity. They are the guardians of the Dreamweave, protecting it from Nightmare Beasts and other threats. They are also the guides, helping others navigate their dreams and confront their fears and desires.
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