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Council of Sylvarin

Foreword: The term "Elders" has been replaced with the Elvish word "Sylvarin," which represents a combination of the words for "wisdom" and "harmony" in their language. This term was chosen to emphasize the key values that the council members embody and uphold within their society.   The Council of Sylvarin was the ruling body of Myth Wnthalas, revered for their wisdom, experience, and dedication to the well-being of the city and its inhabitants. Comprised of esteemed representatives from various guilds, factions, and walks of life, the council sought to ensure that the diverse interests of the High Elves were balanced and harmoniously integrated. Members of the Council of Sylvarin were chosen based on their demonstrated leadership, knowledge, and commitment to the values of Myth Wnthalas. These respected individuals often had distinguished careers within their respective fields, earning the trust and admiration of their peers. The council's composition was designed to reflect the diverse facets of High Elven society, ensuring that each aspect was well-represented in the decision-making process.   The council's responsibilities were vast, encompassing the governance of the city, the maintenance of its infrastructure, and the coordination of its defenses. In addition, the council oversaw the city's trade relations, mediated disputes, and ensured the continued prosperity of Myth Wnthalas.   Meetings of the Council of Sylvarin were held in the grand council chambers, a magnificent edifice crafted from marble and adorned with intricate carvings that chronicled the history of the High Elves. Within these hallowed halls, council members would gather to discuss matters of state, share wisdom, and make decisions that would shape the future of Myth Wnthalas.   Guided by the principles of wisdom, balance, and harmony, the Council of Sylvarin strove to uphold the ideals set forth by the city's founder, Genro Moondreamer. They sought to nurture the unique gifts and talents of the High Elves while maintaining the delicate equilibrium between nature, magic, and the divine.   The Council of Sylvarin was not only a symbol of the unity and wisdom of Myth Wnthalas but also a testament to the High Elves' unwavering commitment to the greater good of their people and their enchanted home. Through their guidance, the city flourished as a bastion of harmony, knowledge, and beauty, preserving the ancient legacy of the High Elves for generations to come.


  • Myth Wnthalas
    Myth Wnthalas, the heart of High Elven civilization, is a city where nature, Magic, and craftsmanship intertwine in a harmonious dance. Nestled within an enchanted forest, the city unfolds in eight distinct districts, each a testament to a unique facet of Elven society.
Geopolitical, City council
Government System
The Council of Sylvarin oversees a variety of important locations within Myth Wnthalas and its surrounding territories. These places hold cultural, historical, or strategic significance to the High Elves, and they contribute to the city's rich tapestry of life. The following gazetteer highlights key locations under the control of the Council of Sylvarin:  
  1. Myth Wnthalas: The hidden High Elven city, nestled within a magical forest in a valley between two rivers. It serves as the seat of power for the Council of Sylvarin and the heart of High Elven society.
  3. The Enchanted Forest of Lómeaure: Surrounding Myth Wnthalas, this magical forest is teeming with mystical creatures and ancient secrets. The Silverleaf Rangers protect and maintain the harmony between nature and the High Elves in this region.
  5. The Twin Rivers, Celuivë and Lintë: These two rivers border the valley in which Myth Wnthalas resides, providing natural defenses and resources to the city. The rivers are closely monitored and protected by the city's defenders.
  7. The Council Chambers: The grand council chambers, where the Council of Sylvarin convenes to discuss matters of state and make decisions for the betterment of Myth Wnthalas.
  9. The Starwater Pools: A series of pristine, enchanted pools where the Starwater Alchemists gather and refine the magical substance Starwater. These pools are vital to the city's economy and magical resources.
  11. The Bladesingers' Academy: A revered institution dedicated to the training and mentorship of Myth Wnthalas' skilled bladesingers, who combine swordplay and magic in their unique martial art.
  13. The Mages' Circle Library: An extensive repository of arcane knowledge, where the Mages' Circle collects and studies magical texts, artifacts, and other sources of information.
  15. The Artisans' Quarter: A district within Myth Wnthalas where the Artisans' Guild members create and showcase their exquisite crafts, including woodworking, stone carving, jewelry, and other artistic endeavors.
  17. The Temples of Arturian, Banoranthae, and Mythannara: Sacred spaces dedicated to the worship and guidance of the city's patron deities, tended to by the Order of the Moondreamer.
  19. The Silverleaf Outposts: A series of fortified outposts located at strategic points along the borders of the enchanted forest, providing surveillance and defense against potential threats.
  These locations, overseen by the Council of Sylvarin, form the foundation of Myth Wnthalas' society and contribute to the city's continued prosperity, harmony, and resilience in the face of a changing world.
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