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The Diabolical Prison of Rolara

In the grand cosmic tapestry of Rolara, Carceri is a chilling testament to the diabolical ingenuity of Asmodeus, the Chairdevil of the Baator Conglomerate. Once a plane of exile and eternal punishment, Carceri has been transformed into a for-profit prison system, a place where suffering is not just a sentence, but a commodity.   Imagine a wilderness of orbs suspended in a blood-red sky, each a world unto itself. These orbs, once mere prisons, are now factories of torment, where the pain of the damned is extracted, quantified, and sold to the highest bidder. The air is thick with the scent of brimstone and despair, and the only sound is the ceaseless clanging of chains and the cries of the damned.   The inhabitants of Carceri are not just prisoners, they are also workers in this infernal industry. They toil under the watchful gaze of devil overseers, their eternal torment exploited for the profit of the Conglomerate. Betrayal and deceit are as common as the chains that bind them, as prisoners plot against each other and their overseers in a desperate bid to improve their lot.   Yet, amidst this bleak landscape, there is a spark of rebellion. Whispers of revolt echo through the prison-orbs, as the damned dream of overthrowing their devilish taskmasters and reclaiming their freedom. It is a dangerous dream, for in Carceri, hope is the most dangerous weapon of all.   Welcome, adventurers and Dungeon Masters, to Carceri. Here, trust is a luxury few can afford, and survival is a game played on the knife-edge of deceit and despair. Whether you are prisoners plotting your escape, rebels seeking to ignite a revolution, or agents of the gods investigating the Conglomerate's activities, Carceri will test your courage, your cunning, and your convictions. Are you ready to face the challenge?

Localized Phenomena

In the transformed Carceri, the plane's inherent nature of betrayal and punishment has been twisted by the diabolical order imposed by Asmodeus and the Baator Conglomerate. This has given rise to unique localized phenomena that reflect the plane's new purpose as a for-profit prison system.  

The Chains of Servitude

One of the most common phenomena in Carceri is the Chains of Servitude. These are ethereal chains that bind the prisoners, visible only to those attuned to the plane's energy. The chains are a manifestation of the prisoners' servitude, their length and weight reflecting the severity of their sentence. They serve as a constant reminder of the prisoners' status and the futility of escape.  
Optional Rule: Prison Plane
  No one can leave Carceri easily. Magical efforts to leave the plane by any spell other than a wish simply fail. Portals and gates that open onto the plane become one-way only. Secret ways out of the plane exist, but they are hidden and well guarded by traps and deadly monsters.  

The Fires of Exploitation

In the factories of torment, the Fires of Exploitation burn brightly. These are not ordinary fires, but flames that feed on the suffering of the damned. The more the prisoners suffer, the brighter the fires burn. The fires are a source of power for the Conglomerate, their energy harnessed and sold for profit.  

The Echoes of Despair

The Echoes of Despair are a haunting phenomenon in Carceri. These are the cries of the damned, amplified and distorted by the plane's energy. The echoes resonate throughout the plane, their haunting melody a constant reminder of the prisoners' despair.  

The Veil of Deceit

Finally, there is the Veil of Deceit. This is a subtle distortion of reality that permeates the plane, making it difficult for the prisoners to trust their senses or each other. The veil is a tool of control for the Conglomerate, fostering distrust and paranoia among the prisoners.   These localized phenomena are a testament to the diabolical order imposed on Carceri, a plane where suffering is a commodity and trust is a luxury few can afford. As adventurers or Dungeon Masters, understanding these phenomena is key to surviving and navigating the treacherous landscape of Carceri.
Neutral/Chaotic Evil
Plane of Existence
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