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Changed Children of Maglubiyet

Bugbears, often lurking in the shadowed places of the world, are a formidable and cunning species. They are cousins of goblins and hobgoblins, sharing a common ancestry. Once considered servants of the conquering god Maglubiyet, many Bugbears have now found their own paths. The recent rise of Goblin cults worshipping the Aetherite Crystals from Mount Origin has led to a transformation among these creatures. Many Goblins have found themselves transformed into Bugbears, their newfound power allowing them to rise up and rule over their former inferiors. This transformation is a result of goblin children growing to adulthood under the adverse effects of Aetherite Crystals. The Eruption of Mount Origin spread crystal debris across the globe, which resulted in their recent resurgence.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

As a race that has long existed in the shadows, bugbears have a complex and often adversarial relationship with other intelligent species in the world of Rolara. While they share a common ancestry with goblins and hobgoblins, bugbears are typically more solitary and less prone to forming alliances with other races.   However, there are exceptions. Some bugbears have been known to form loose alliances with Goblin and Hobgoblin tribes, often serving as their enforcers or mercenaries. Other bugbears have even been known to join adventuring parties or guilds, using their formidable strength and fey magic to aid their allies in battle.   On the other hand, bugbears are also frequently viewed with suspicion and mistrust by other races, particularly humans and elves. Their reputation as stealthy and brutish creatures, combined with their fey magic, makes them formidable foes in battle, and many view them as a threat to the peace and security of civilized lands.   Overall, the interspecies relations of bugbears are complex and multifaceted, with some individuals forming alliances and friendships while others remain aloof and mistrustful of outsiders. For DMs and players, exploring the nuances of these relationships can add depth and intrigue to any campaign set in the world of Rolara.
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