Alban Meets the Druids


King Alban goes for a druidical summit, trying to win their support for his vision of one united kingdom.

Waymeet.   King Alban goes for a Druidical summit. He tries to win their support for uniting the tribes. The Archdruid says no.   Eldred and Caerdic befriend local druid Murdoch’s pet bear. Lynna tests the friends by daring them to do something which puts the bear at risk. Eldred does not but Caerdic does - making him her favourite as she clearly likes bad boys. Eldred begins training under Lynna's father Tamar - learning to fight left handed, with a shield strapped to his right forearm. The aging chieftain of Waymeet agrees that united kingdom would be beneficial but will not ally himself unless the other tribes do too. The chieftain's son is surly and unpleasant. Caerdic likes him.   Caerdic spots a druid from the far south and speaks to him - he finds out about the distant continent of Khemit and the Keri-heb.

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