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(a.k.a. Caerdic)

One of the greatest heroes the land now called Albion has ever known, Callindrill was a sorcerer of great renown, surpassed only by the great wizard Titus who came after him. In fact some say that Callindrill’s deeds were more numerous and more tale-worthy than Titus’ and that Titus is only a figure of legend as he defeated the Demon Prince. But that is a debate that scholars will argue over for centuries to come.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

No records exist of what Callindrill actually looked like. It is believed he was a human.


Callindrill was born and active in the lands now called Albion just before the formation of the Kingdom. He was a great wizard whose interests apparently centred on the creation of magical constructs. He is said to have been the creator of most of the enchanted items in the lands today, except the insignificant baubles created by dabblers in modern times. It is said he created a magical construct that walked and fought like a man but was the size of a giant. This thing apparently was indestructible and he set it to guard his base that lay somewhere in the Barren Wastes.   As the years drew on Callindrill watched numerous friends and allies fall to the evil creatures that roamed the lands and he realised that he was not immortal. So it was that he began the construction of a final resting-place that he was to be put into should he die. It is said he put his greatest talents into creating a tomb like no other, full of magical traps and constructs to defend it. Here he also stored many items of a magical nature that he had created. If the accounts are half true, half the world’s magic must be held in this tomb.   Then one day, as his best friend Eldred fought to subjugate the tribes and unite them into one kingdom, the great dragon Ashardalon awoke!  Callindrill decided he would complete the final act that would set him above all others – he would defeat Ashardalon, who men called Blaze. It is said he travelled to the Dragons Perch and fought the dragon. Legend tells that he defeated the dragon but the effort was so great it killed him.  He fell in the Jagged Peaks and the knowledge of magical construction left the world.   Dark tales say his followers, led by Queen Lynna, took his body back to the Barren Wastes and placed it in his tomb. Unknown to them though he had tricked them all and the act of bringing his body here sealed the tomb with his followers inside! Who knows what became of them, or even where this tomb might be?  


In the middle of the Chaos Wars, The Fellowship of the Sun, prompted by the mysterious Myrddin, sought out and found Callindrill's Tomb. They entered it and from it magically reached his tower which was hidden in some mountain range, possibly the Jagged Peaks. There they recovered the Key of Seven Stars that the wizard Titus had hidden there a millennium before. This Key was used to unlock the Book of Vitiris, and so the Demon Prince was stopped.  

News and Rumour

It is not certain exactly how the Fellowship entered the Tomb of Callindrill, or if they plundered its depths - they were, after all, only after the Key of Seven Stars. Rumours abound that much if not all of Callindrill's treasure still lies in the Tomb. Other rumours say it was transported back to Castle Fortuna and is held there.   It is certain that the Barren Wastes, in which Callindrill's Tomb lies, is still a fearsome and dangerous place.
Current Location
823 BR 782 BR 41 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Ashardalon in Dragon's Perch
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