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Ivory Throne

The Ivory Throne, De'Ifatallë Cilthë in Tretalleri, is an artifact of central cultural significance to the Deýliri and the wider tretalleri Dominion. Its importance is not just symbolic, as it represents the seat of absolute authority in the Dominion, it is also an object of incredible power that is instrumental in maintaining order and unity in the Dominion.   First discovered in the Forest of Bones, the Throne was buried in many feet of earth and took many months of grueling work to unearth. Older by far than the Dominion, which had not existed at all during the time of the artifact's discovery, the Throne is a remnant of a civilization long-gone. If the Throne's abilities are to be taken as a measure for the capabilities of that long-gone civilization, one fact is indisputable: whoever those progenitors may have been, they were unimaginably far more advanced than any other civilization at the time of the Throne's rediscovery, and since.   The Throne is an impressive artifact. It commands awe with its visage alone. Although the seat of the Throne is normally proportioned, it is the only part that is so. The backrest extends some ways to either side, flat along the back of the seat, but angled out and to the rear from just past the armrests. In the middle, the backrest soars many dozens of feet toward the ceiling. From there, it slopes down, tapering shorter toward the sides.   The Throne is made of a material that resembles ivory, hence the name, but as countless artisans who tried—and failed—to carve the history of the Dominion into the throne during the empire's early years could attest, it could not possibly be made of actual ivory. No known tools are capable of damaging the Throne, making carving impossible. And yet, the Throne is decorated with carvings, ones that were present from the moment the Throne was discovered.   Along the bottom half of the Throne, thorns, briars, and roses are carved into the ivory-like material with meticulous, faithful detail. Higher, up, these give way to carvings of feathers and ravens playing in the wind. These carvings are so incredibly true to life that those who behold the Throne could almost see the wind blowing, and the ravens flapping their wings.
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