Baila is a small village about an hour's ride south of Qesrir. It is a rather idyllic place, with the shore no more than a twenty-minute walk from the center of the village. It is otherwise unremarkable but for the fact the lumber camps further to the south are some of the most productive in the Sharan Peninsula. These camps fall under the jurisdiction of Baila and are mostly staffed and run by people from Baila, though workers from Qesrir and surrounding villages make up the rest of the labor force.   As the shortest route to the Shār cuts through Baila, the village has something of a burgeoning tourism industry. Daring travelers and adventurers who want a taste of the jungle pass through now and then. As the Al Zeresh Academy accelerates its research of the Shār Outskirts, the trickle of traffic through Baila increases. There are even talks to build an academy outpost near the village for convenience's sake, and included in the plans are a small school where children can be educated without having to make the trip to Qesrir.   Of late, however, there have been rumors of something odd happening in Baila. Passersby report a strange sense of wrongness in hte village while regular visitors adamantly and categorically deny anything of the sort. Somehow, the rumors persist despite a number of investigations finding that everything is perfectly alright in the village.


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