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Crafting Skill


This skill governs the creation of anything from scratch. Traps, weapons, poisons, and medicine all require raw materials and then a skill check to see if successful at crafting the intended item. There are three subsets to the Crafting skill: Smithing, Alchemy, and Trap Making. Each of these use Raw Materials to create useful items. A critical failure (natural 1) while crafting causes -|INT|-1 damage to the character. A critical success (natural 20) causes a Master Item to be made. All other rolls will result in a successful item.  

Difficulty Check Results

In Rhunec results of a skill check have different results depending on the DC, or difficulty check, that is passed. So if you roll a 13, the result will be Apprentice level, since the DC of 10 was passed but the DC of 15 for Adept was not achieved.

Price Modifier
NoviceDC is 0-1 to item properties0% Price
ApprenticeDC is 5+0 to item properties50% Price
AdeptDC is 10+1 to item properties100% Price
ExpertDC is 15+2 to item properties150% Price
MasterDC is 20+3 to item properties200% Price

Raw Materials

Plants can be found by foraging and making a Plant Mastery roll. The higher the roll, the more ingredients you have the chance to find. Raw Materials for traps, armor, clothing, jewelry, and weapons can be found as well, but they are random occurring loot. Raw materials can be bought at the appropriate shop. Each region of Rhunec has unique raw materials that are used in local crafting. This determines the look and name of the item crafted. See the table below for raw materials used in Smithing and Trap making. The second table is a list of the plant ingredients that can be found in Rhunec.  

Raw Materials in Rhunec

List of raw materials available for crafting, by region, in Rhunec.

Raw Material
Northern Mountains
Pine Coast
Senchineru Forest / Thousand Lakes
Ponticuppo Bay / Lake Trivera
City of Death
City of Secrets
Coastal Range
MetalRuniteStaliseMalachiteBlue steelAdamantDamascus steelTitaniumMythril
WoodIronwoodBlue PineGreat OakMahoganyBlackwoodEbonyFiberglassAsh
LeatherDeepfish hideWallrus hideSnake skinDeer hideElk hideRhino hideGuardian hideAuroch hide
BoneDragon BonePolar Bear BoneGiant Sloth BoneWhale BoneTitan boneElephant BoneTender boneCougar bone
Rare MineralSilverElectrumGoldWhite GoldPlatinumRose GoldTungstenCopper

Tools and Kits

All crafting requires tools along with raw materials. In order to successful craft an item, a set of tools is required.
  • Smithing Tools
  • Alchemic Tools
  • Traper Tools


Each subset of the Crafting Skill has a Mechanics page.


Each subset of the Crafting Skill has a Mechanics page.

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