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Trap Making Mechanic

Trap Making is creating traps, grenades, or anything else clever that you want to annoy or destroy your enemies with. This includes, pit traps, caltrops, snares, smoke bombs, or pressure traps. To make a trap, it requires three things, container/carrier, trigger, and an optional potion or poison. The container can be a vial of smoke, or spikes, or barbs. The trigger is either a physical mechanism or a rune. The poison or potion can either be part of the container or added to the carrier. The damage is determined by the Crafting roll used to make the trap. Trap Proficiency removes -5 from using traps while Traper and Mundane Master add +3 and +5 to trap use respectively.       Damage that the trap causes is xd8, where x is determined by the Crafting roll to create the trap. Using a rune with the trap modifies it characteristics   Traps can use runes as part of their destruction. One example is a trip wire where the rune is crushed when the rope is pulled or kicked. When the rune is crushed, the school of rune determines the effect. Any level or variation of rune can be used, the only determinant for the effect is the school.
  • Dragon: Destructive trigger, explodes as soon as the rune is crushed and add Xd12 to damage where x is determined by the level of the rune
  • Wolf: Continuous activation, as soon as the rune is crushed, double the effect of any potion or poison incorporated into the trap
  • Snake: Proximity trigger, snake runes are so sensitive that they collapse and explode on the slightest vibration, creating an excellent proximity trigger for a trap
  • Kraken: Forces disadvantage on any creature wishing to disarm this trap, explodes when crushed
  • Crow: Undetectable, explosion when crushed, creatures have disadvantage when trying to detect this trap
  • Tortoise: If a creature is caught by surprise by a trap with a tortoise rune, they have disadvantage on the saving throw
Trap Making is meant to be free form and very creative! If you can fit a design into this frame, then it can happen.

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