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Trap Making Mechanic

Trap Making is creating traps, grenades, or anything else clever that you want to annoy or destroy your enemies with. This includes, pit traps, caltrops, snares, smoke bombs, or pressure traps. To make a trap, it requires three things, container/carrier, trigger, and an optional potion or poison. The container can be a vial of smoke, or spikes, or barbs. The trigger is either a physical mechanism or an enchantment. The poison or potion can either be part of the container or added to the carrier. The damage is determined by the Crafting roll used to make the trap. Knowledge of Tactics influences Trap usage. If Knowledge of Tactics is not known, character will take DEX-5 to any roll using a trap.  

Difficulty Check Results

In Rhunec results of a skill check have different results depending on the DC, or difficulty check, that is passed. So if you roll a 13, the result will be Apprentice level, since the DC of 10 was passed but the DC of 15 for Adept was not achieved.

Price Modifier
NoviceDC is 0-1 to item properties0% Price
ApprenticeDC is 5+0 to item properties50% Price
AdeptDC is 10+1 to item properties100% Price
ExpertDC is 15+2 to item properties150% Price
MasterDC is 20+3 to item properties200% Price
  Damage that the trap causes is (1+x)d6 where x is the level of trap created as determined by the Crafting roll.   Enchanted triggers for traps or grenades use the basic glyphs along with the timing circle to determine how and when the trap is triggered. The DC for enchanting a trap is 5.
  • Dragon: Instant trigger, as soon as the glass hits something
  • Wolf: Continuous activation, as soon as the carrier leaves your hand
  • Snake: Proximity trigger, as soon as something gets near it.
  • Kraken: Sticky, will stick to a surface and then trigger.
  • Crow: Clones! As soon as it’s thrown, the grenade clones and covers a wider area.
  • Tortoise: Slow and sneaky activation, less noticeable, ramps up over time.
  The triggers do not increase the damage, but they can spread the damage to multiple enemies caught up in the trigger effect. For example, if a Crow trigger is used, and three enemies are caught by the clones, then each with take x+1d6 damage, and the damage is only rolled once.   Trap Making is meant to be free form and very creative! If you can fit a design into this frame, then it can happen.

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