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Enchanting Mechanic

update 10/20/19: Enchanting Re-imagined. This world is called Rhunec right? Then it needs to be called that for a reason.


  Glyphs consume everything they are carved onto, stone, cloth, wood, flesh - except runestones. Runestones are able to hold the power of the glyph and unleash it when the fragile rune is crushed. Or, the rune can be incorporated into traps, grenades or Golem Hearts by the skilled craftspeople of Allos. They turn the Hearts into Golems for fighting or companionship. Golem making is a special subset of enchanting and requires more knowledge and discipline.  


The first requirement an Enchanter needs is a runestone. These can be found throughout Rhunec but are most plentiful in The Northern Mountains. There is an arm of the Guild of Oro that specializes in runestones and runes. Next, the Enchanter needs to have seen and memorized the glyph that they wish to carve. This knowledge can include a scholarship check of glyphs left behind by combat. Once the Enchanter has memorized the glyph, they can enchant a runestone with it. Lastly, the Enchanter needs an hour per level of glyph of time and an enchanting check to carve a final rune. On a Nat 1, the rune shatters in the hands of the enchanter and deals (Glyph Level)d6 damage. On a Nat 20, the Enchanter will create a master level rune. The table below describes the end result of enchanting checks:      

Using Runes

Finished runes can be used in two main ways: consumed or incorporated. Either method makes the rune and runestone unusable and unrecoverable for anything else.  

Consuming Runes

Consuming runes involves crushing the rune and releasing its power. The power is determined by the glyph it is carved with. To consume a rune, it must be crushed as a bonus action. The character can then unleash the power of the rune at any time, even after a skill check or roll.  

Incorporating Runes

Incorporating runes into other crafts results in golem hearts, traps, or grenades. See Golems for more information on that. Trap Making Mechanic

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