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Peg leg

A walking toolbox or a piece of art.

CW: Mutilation

Eye patch, hook hand, and a peg leg, it's all been part of the stereotypical pirate attire for ages. But for Heinrich von Bern, Master at arms of the Sunset Dawn, one of these unfortunatly became a reality.

Loss of limb

After the Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn Heinrich was severely injured on his lower right leg, at first it looked like the wounds where healing, but while the Sunset Dawn was in the middle of the ocean, Heinrich's wounds turned bad and the crew had to make the decision to amputate his leg, before his blood flow carried the infection trough the rest of his body. Despite the unfavourable location, the messroom table, of the operation, it was a succes.

Wooden leg

After walking around on crutches for a while, a wooden peg leg is made for Heinrich. But soon after Heinrich is found bend over his peg leg with a carving knife, scraping away at the wood, recreating the tattoos that were previously on his flesh leg. Carefully carving out the lines and filling them with coloured paint. The result is a beautifully decorated object. Which distracts so much of the fact that it is a peg leg, that people often compliment him on it.


Due to the decorations, Heinrich's leg has elevated itself to a prized possession. So Heinrich made a second leg for himself. Which he refers to as being his work leg and the other being his party leg. His work leg is made of steel. From the socket the remaining part of his own leg fits in down. It's a steel pipe with a rubber nob for grip on the decks of the ship.

But that's not all. Heinrich has added all kinds of hooks and clamps that hold; screw drivers of several shapes and sizes, a hammer, spanners, bahco, pipe wrench, and several pliers and some unnamed tools. All he needs to service the guns of the Sunset Dawn.

Eventhough the loss of his leg has slowed Heinrich down quite a bit, he often claims that his work leg is more practical than carrying a toolbox around. As now he has got his hands free while also having the tools he needs close by.

Nanite / Mechanical


Author's Notes

Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 40. A negative condition with a hidden advantage.

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