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Mr. Fisher

Mr. Fisher

Torpedo engineer of the Sunset Dawn

Physical Description

Body Features

Mr. Fisher is a small short skinny guy, with a rough beard and shortly cut hair. He missing the two smallest fingers from his left hand, and scars from burns on his right shoulder. 

Physical quirks

He does not appear to like the sun or clear skies, he is happier down in the bowels of the Sunset Dawn and is often hanging out in the engine room, even when Bobby doesn't have any work there. 

Special abilities

Extremely knowledgeable about the torpedoes the pirates found, and all kinds of other types of explosives.

Mental characteristics


Armani introduced Mr. Fisher to Heinrich von Bern after the later tried to fence the torpedoes they found via Armani's Warehouse. Armani and Heinrich are not sure what kind of torpedoes they have got their hands on, and ask for the help of Mr. Fisher to identify them and possibly put a price tag on them. But due to unforeseen circumstances the torpedoes and Mr. Fisher stay onboard of the Sunset Dawn.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
English (He doesn't/refuses to speak it, but understands it well enough.)

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