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The Magistrate is the leader of the Order of the Bee. They have their office in Doorwerth Castle, and can also live there, but that is not compulsory. The current Magistrate does not, she lives with her family in a house in the village Doorwerth.

Being the Magistrate is not a full-time job, like any other Knight of the Order of the Bee, they are a volunteer in the organisation, and most have held a 'real job' too trough out the history of the Order.


President over the board

The board, being the Magistrate and the Officers, usually meet every two weeks, but with modern communication equipment the meetings also happen digitally.

Interview Initiates

The Order is always looking for new members. Alot of members come to the order by beign the partner or childern of knights. But the order is always in need for members in prominent positions in socioty, or for example historians who can help in the orders cause.

Knight new Knights into the Order

Every year a knighting ceremony is held to welcome the new members into the Order.

Lobby at local, national and international governments and organisations

Politics is still a big part of the Order of the Bee, and they still try to work towards their foundign goal, creating a strong nobility.

External communication and representation


For the Magistrate there are chambers available in Doorwerth Castle to live in, and they have an office in the castle. During formal affairs they are adressed as Magistrate, but not during day to day life.

Magistrate election

The Magistrate is chosen from among the knights by weighted votes. A position that is appointed for life, unless ninety percent vote to replace the Magistrate in a special meeting. How to organise such a special meeting is not written down in the statues of the order.

After a Magistrate, dies, resigns or is asked to step down. All Knights of the Order of the Bee will gather, and from among them will elect a new Magistrate. All Knights are eligible to make themselves available to be chosen. And during an all day meeting, all candidates have the chance to promote themselves.

That evening, they will hold a voting round. Each Knight has one vote, plus an additional half vote for every decade they are a member of the order. Former Officers get an extra quarter vote for the amount of times they have been an officer and completed the fourteen year service. Current officers get an extra full vote.

If there is no winner with a two-thirds majority of the vote, there will be another voting round, where the candidate with the least amount of votes is no longer electable, until there are only three candidates left. If there is no winner after three voting rounds with three candidates. All candidates are back electable, and a new full day of campaigning is held, before voting continues as it began. In between voting rounds, there is a maximum of fifteen minutes of debate allowed between the candidates.

Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Magistrate of the Order of the Bee
Source of Authority
Elected from the Knights. First Magistrate was installed by the King
Length of Term
Related Locations
Related Organizations

Rose did not like the Magistrate, their characters constantly clashed. Rose had become accustomed to being in charge, as a captain she was the one being listend to and turned to for advice. Now she was living under the roof of another, and had to abide by their rules and customs. She normally didn't have a problem with following the rules, but the Magistrate was petty.


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