Knighting Ceremony

Rose's Diary; page 174

It's called a "Knighting Ceremony", because the members of the Order of the Bee are called Knights. But there is no sword waving going about, no shoulder slapping either. Nor is there a proper ceremony either.

People aren't raised to nobility, nor given areas of land to rule over.

It's very anti climactic, actually. All the Knights who can (and want to) attend come to Doorwerth Castle. The initiates are there, obviously. And the Magistrate and most of the officers. There where more people than I expected actually.

Anyway, the Magistrate gave a small speech (well not small; the vixen talked for two hours it was dreadful) about the history of the Order (which was a kind of interesting but she managed to make it dull) and the purpose. She then proceeded to call out every initiate's name and asked them: "Are you willing to serve and protect?" They replied with "Yes.", and that was it basically. After the last one, (there were five) everybody applauded. And the official part of the ceremony was over.

It was around three in the afternoon then, and everyone, including us, went outside for a barbeque. Which was actually well arranged. There was plenty of food, for everyone's liking. The vixen had me talk to some important people, to keep the peace I played along, but uuggh.

Anyway, as soon as we could, Sussie, Karel and me gold hold of three bottles of wine (once a pirate always a pirate :P) and escaped the castle, we had a nice chat while we watched the Gaggle Guard do some aquatic manoeuvres.

I had a nice night too, but that didn't involve Sussie.


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