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The Painter

The Painter is one of the Entities of the Realm, but is the 2nd least known entity, after The Mechanical One. He has travel to a good number of worlds, but only half of them recognize him as one of the Entities. Most often he only appears to guardians in the Realms, mid-painting his next piece. It is rare for a guardian to find him not working on a piece of art, and only if he has just completed an art piece.  

Known Abilities

As some of his more abstract art pieces, The Painter's abilities are not well known and most are guesses.
  • The majority of the art of The Painter are of terrain paintings. However, the paintings are not of the current time and most are future positions of clouds or other time indicators. As such, it is believed that the Painter is able to see the future. It is often disputed that The Painter only sees the future of the area he's painting or if he can see any moment in the future.
  • It is thought that the individuals painted by The Painter will not die beyond natural means, but this has not been "tested".
  • If a moment/interaction is painted where multiple individuals are involved, it is believed that the individuals included in the painting are forced to carry out the moment. There are several myths and legends about this ability, but none have officially proven or disproven this ability.
  • While basically confirmed it is often debated in this time of peace, The Painter has been known to paint cards with depictions of unknown monsters. In several recorded battles that the Entities participated in, he has been described as throwing these cards and causing the monsters on them to come to life. These monsters obey only his commands and even The Grand Mage cannot use his magic to control them.

Other Names

  Disregarding the various translations of other worlds, The Painter has gone by multiple names throughout the legends and myths that include him.
  • The Farseer 
  • Fate
  • The Artist
  • The Sculptor - while it is never recorded that The Painter has actually completed any art piece that is not a painting, there are several myths that use the name "The Sculptor" instead of The Painter. In these myths, he sculpts various individuals in marble instead of as a painting. However, the abilities of The Painter and the Sculptor are the same in these myths.

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