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The Grand Mage

The Grand Mage is one of the  Entities of the Realm, but on some worlds he is not considered to be an Entity, instead simply a very powerful archmage. He is well known to leave artifacts hidden on most worlds. However, it is unclear how many worlds he has traveled to, or if he simply teleports his artifacts to the various worlds. A good number of these artifacts are gems that broadcast an image of himself giving a lecture to whoever happens to be listening. It is recorded that a large number of them are fully sentient and are able to respond to questions asked during the lecture.   No mage has come close to his array of spells and abilities. It is often believed that he knows every possible arcane spell and the majority of divine spells. The artifacts he leaves behind in worlds are similar but very different from The Outsider's bone charms and runes. The majority of the worlds that have a strong enough connection to the Realm have large groups of mages dedicated to The Grand Mage's teachings. There are some groups on these worlds that either never heard of The Grand Mage or purposefully ignore his work; these groups are usually smaller in number but no less powerful. The Grand Mage himself has stated multiple times that magic does not come from him but from the Realm of Magic itself. "Magic is not some parlor trick or some innate power of one's own beings. It is instead, energy from the Realm of Magic. Mages are merely the conduit for the raw potential that the Realm provides. Note that this connection is present even in non-mages as most are able to be the conduit for powerful artifacts or other spell-like abilities."   See Magic Traditionsfor the full list of available Magic Traditions for players.   See Lectures of The Grand Magefor the full list of known lecture (excerpts) given by The Grand Mage  

Known Abilities

The full range of spells that The Grand Mage knows or has used before is not known by any world, and the spells themselves will be excluded from the list below. The following is a list of assumed abilities that are not directly derived from a spell, most of which have been confirmed and recorded by several guardians or by The Grand Mage himself.
  • Known throughout all of the worlds that has artifacts, The Grand Mage is able to produce any number of magical artifacts. These artifacts can mimic a spell or provide a new unique ability to the wielder. In comparison to The Outsider's bone charms, these artifacts are generally more powerful. The main difference between these is The Grand Mage's artifacts are used for extra effects that rarely enhance one's physical capabilities while The Outsider's bone charms enhance one's own physical capabilities and rarely give an extra effect. One example is a common wand of magic missile from The Grand Mage, while The Outsider can give a bone charm that grants a longer time for the wielder to hold their breath.
  • The Grand Mage is also able to take away one's ability to cast spells. It is still debated if this extends to being able to utilize artifacts.
  • The Grand Mage is known to have researched countless number of topics and recorded thousands of lectures scattered throughout all worlds.

Other Names

While he refers to himself as The Grand Mage in all of the artifact recorded lectures, the following is a list of other names that he has been referred to as.
  • The Archmage
  • The Master - some have "The Master of Magic" instead of just "The Master"
  • The Teacher

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