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The Mechanical One

The Mechanical One is one of the Entities of the Realmbut is the least known entity. Each individual world has its own level of technology, but the Mechanical One has never shown themselves on the worlds with medieval or heavy focus on magic over technology. This may be due to The Mechanical One's cybernetic enhancements, but it has still remain unclear why he purposely avoids those worlds. Additionally, most worlds do not consider him an Entity but rather an immortal Guardian.  

Known Abilities

Unlike the other entities, the abilities of The Mechanical One are well documented, but he still surprises with uncommonly used abilities. The following are the most known abilities of The Mechanical One.
  • The Mechanical One's suit of power armor cannot be depowered or removed unwillingly. Multiple electric enemies have attempted to EMP or overload his armor, but he simply walks through it unfazed. Additionally, some enemies have attempted to remove sections of his armor, but even if partially removed, a new set of nanites cover the area replacing the removed piece. These nanites are considered infinite and self-producing.
  • The armor itself has the following abilities: flight, energy blasts, energy shields, self-producing missiles, thermal and infrared vision.
  • It is unclear if the armor or if The Mechanical One is able to control any and all of technologies. There is no apparent limitations in how the technology is controlled. This allows The Mechanical One to reconstruct and reprogram anything he chooses. Additionally, he has been seen controlling technology across several worlds.

Other Names

Disregarding various world translations, the following are other names that The Mechanical One has been referred to as
  • The Mechanical Guardian
  • The Master of Technology
  • The Unwavering Mechanical Warrior

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