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The Seedy Hollow

Purpose / Function

The Seedy Hollow is a speakeasy in the roots of Vitu-Ghazi. It's a comparatively tame establishment, serving hard liquor and high-energy entertainment well within the law of Ravnica proper, but skirting the edges of Selesnya purity doctrine. A haven for low-stakes crime, its patrons are by and large minor criminals and their hirees.


A large, smooth root of the World Tree forms the bulk of the building. The doors open onto a natural floor of grass and moss, while the bar and tables seem to be grown specifically into their shapes. A stage at the back of the main room hosts each evening's entertainment, and softly pulsing glowlamps keep the lighting low. A single hallway leads to several rooms and a back exit, all for the myriad patrons' use.   The rooms are also formed tree roots, and the floors left natural and open. As a result, several patrons rent them out long-term to maintain discreet growing facilities.
Parent Location

Party Involvement

Each of you were invited to the Seedy Hollow for different reasons. While there, you happened to be in the right place at the right time to get caught in a kidnapping snare meant for Winwydden . After clearing the prison you'd been taken to, the semi-underground tunnels of the Canopy floor led you to the back entrance of the Seedy Hollow. The owner, appalled at the intensity of crime that had taken place in her establishment, has promised each of you free drinks for life and a waived password requirement if you keep your mouths shut about the speakeasy's location and operation.

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