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The Canopy


The tree-dwelling inhabitants of the Canopy are almost exclusively connected to the Selesnya Conclave. They are gardeners, spiritualists, naturalists, artists, builders, crafters, and artisans.


All Conclave-controlled areas are protected by votaries and equenauts, in addition to whatever Azorius and Boros forces exist in the area.

Industry & Trade

The communal nature of the Conclave means there is little in the way of commerce in its territories. The shops that do exist accept trade and labor as payment as readily as coin, sometimes even more so.


The northern neighborhood of Precinct Three is covered in tall trees, all of which are overshadowed by Vitu-Ghazi. To accommodate a growing population, buildings are built into the living wood of the massive trees and on the larger branches. A network of ladders and rope walkways connects these structures.

Guilds and Factions

Most ventures in this neighborhood are the purview of the Selesnya Conclave, but any person who seeks a peaceful, meditative area to be close to nature is at home here.


White stone staircases spiral around the trunks of the massive trees, leading to the various apartment levels. Other structures are carved of stone, built of wood, or woven of vines and grasses.

Natural Resources

The Canopy is one of the only regions in the Tenth where food is grown. Selesnya magic keeps the soil fertile and nutritious, while Simic greenhouses allow growers to maintain their crops through the winter months..
Included Locations

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