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Wrustrun is Jebedaiah Bateman’s hometown. Jebedaiah’s mother, Betsy-Ann Bateman, and half brother, Qi'xuan Nailong, still live here.   Jebedaiah and his father Horace Bateman left Wrustrun for Olkedo 8 years ago, because Horace did not agree with the parenting style of his wife. (Jebedaiah Bateman's backstory)   Markus Zade, the ferryman south of Olkedo, said there conflict between Wrustrun and Lowsprings. He said he didn’t know what the conflict was about, but he heard that Slade Jones, the sheriff of Wrustrun, was killed. (Olkedo Session 4)   Tarot Reading about Wrustrun (From Isidora's Tarot Reading):
Past: 5 of Swords – This card points to a conflict in the past. Ambition has lead to a betrayal or a hollow victory, which is often the road to isolation and ruin.
Present: The Devil – The devil can symbolize entrapment or slavery. It also represents our shadow selves. In combination with the 5 of swords in the past position, this seems to point to some kind of tyrannical takeover.
Future: 2 of Cups – This card symbolizes partnerships, and harmony. This could mean that forces are at work to bring the two sides of the conflict indicated by the previous cards together. But with the Devil in the present position I wouldn’t rule out dark forces coming together to benefit from this situation.
(Olkedo Session 4)   Jebedaiah's Memory of His Brother

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