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This campaign is a Space Faring Adventure! You and your crewmates can take command of a starship and set out to find fame and glory among the stars. But be warned: space vast and wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid. The darkness between the stars holds horrors and dangers unlike any you have ever encountered.  

Campaign Setting and Rules

Though this system uses the base DnD 5e rules, there have been some modifications to account for the unique setting and provide new options to take advantage of the new systems. You can see a very high level over view of changes at the Modification Overview article.   You can find new character sheets for both your character and starships here.  


The campaign takes place in what is called an "Oversector" (a collection of sector blocks) in the alpha quadrant of the Proxima Alatheia Galaxy. A sector is merely a mapped region of space of 30 light years square. From ancient ruins of lost civilizations, to the halls of democracy of an interstellar government, to the far reaches and pirate outposts in neutral space, the stars are yours to explore.


In order to accomodate the new features such as space ships, ship combat, technology, and the variety of environments, a few rule additions have been made. You can find these and start exploring by visiting the Modification Overview.   Most of the rules are around new systems which will be introduced slowly as the campaign begins, so don't worry about going through everything and knowing what it all means right away.   The new systems mainly focus on:
  • Space Travel
  • Space Combat
  • Ship Mechanics
  • Computers
  • Environments and Conditions

    Races and Classes

    There are limited class and character race options. Please see the Races of the Galaxy and Classes and Sub-Classes articles for the allowed existing classes and races as well as new options unique to this setting!  

    Setting Feel and Atmosphere

    Unlike some popular sci-fi stories, the galaxy is not as easy to navigate and not widely explored. There is no central government or power system. Rather, just within the sector block, there are several major powers, some in loose alliances, and others vast stellar empires.   There is room for an "Outer Rim" style smuggler game or a political intrigue game in the core worlds of the various powers. Actions have consequences and in space, the threats are more potent and dangerous as you drift alone through the dark.  

    Major Powers

    There are 4 major powers within the starting area. Each is technically made up of smaller independant systems or governing bodies.  

    The Suteran Alliance

    A loose association of governments and systems that arose after they were liberated from System Lord control. The systems here value their freedom to control their domains and are allied primarily in the goal to focus military efforts against Empire raids. The Royal Navy of Bastea is known throughout the quadrant for its prowess and military strategy.  

    The Unified Republic of Systems

    Also shortened to "the Republic" is a collection of systems ruled by a Senate on the core world of the Republic. It is diverse in both its cultures and people and the hazards and treasures that can be found.   The recently finished Brighthope Beacon, a space station on the far edge of the republic, is a central hub for space farers, treasure hunters, and all who seek knowledge and wisdom.  

    The Eldari Fedaration of Planets

    The Federation is one of the oldest powers in the quadrant, though it did not always have the reach it does today. The remnants of some of the earliest inhabitants the federation was founded by the Eldari but soon encompassed many worlds and peoples. The Central Congress decides matters on the home planet of Eldaran, though many systems keep power and governance of their systems with little interference.  

    The Galactic Empire of the System Lords

    The Empire is vast and once ruled over much of the alpha quadrant and still holds much of the beta quadrant in it's grasp. The System Lords form a council of 9 that rule from their governing world of Tokerah. They rely on local governors and lesser System Lords to maintain order throughout the Empire. After the Rebellion that led to the formation of the Suteran Alliance, the Empire has pulled back to regroup and rellies only on small raids into enemy territory, which it adamantly denies doing.  

    Plot Hooks and Adventure Beats

    As no campaign has been run in this setting yet, it's pretty open where the party could start out. Most any backstory could fit within most of the powers or neutral worlds. Below are some primer plot hooks that the party might gravitate towards.  
  • With the construction of the Montarra Battle Station, reports are coming in that an Imperial Fleet is forming to test it's capabilities.
  • Whispers on the cosmic winds have lead many clerics, druids, and solarians to believe an ancient power has awoken, and many speculate it is located deep within the Well of the Ancients
  • Strange happenings have been reported in the Sharrian Corridor, and there have been an increased number of sightings of strange ships in both the Vuleran and Lantidan star systems.
  • Brighthope Beacon has been in service for 25 years now, but don't let the cheery name fool you. Rumor has it something sinister is going on deep in the bowels of the station. Plots that pose great risk to the safety of the Republic.
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