The Eldari Federation of Planets

Eldari Space spans 15 sectors of the alpha quadrant and travel into it is closely monitored. The Eldari Fedaration of Planets is a political organization uniting the systems of Eldari Space with the ruling Senate on the Eldari home world of Eldaran.  

Controlled Star Systems

  • Akadarian System
  • Azanti System
  • Cadramin System
  • Calliran System
  • Dohana System
  • Eldaran System
  • Lantia System
  • Luthana System
  • Morriga System
  • Numbari System
  • Remithan System
  • Tedoira System
  • Terraban Cluster
  • Vatea System
  • Veskar System
  • Vuleran System

Notable Starbases

  • Corvidean Shipyards
  • Eldari Space Station 4 (ESS-IV)
  • Janethi Research Station
  • Mekrazna Station
  • Zuteran Outpost
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Federation, The Federation, The Eldari, Eldari Space
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Organization Vehicles

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