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The Evini brought the veabo to the people, but the music that comes from the instruments brought their hearts together...
— Unknown speaker
  While the Faevini will claim that the veabo came from them and the Ithrevini will claim that they invented it, the creator is known to be of neither group, instead belonging to the Evini of seclusion, the Tetevini.  

Sound of heart

  Rollyn Everlight insists that the idea for the veabo was something that came to her during a dream, where she was sitting on a branch in a forest that seemed to keep changing seasons, and was simply playing a veabo. The morning after, she had set to work on creating the instrument of her dreams and learning how to master it.   This five stringed instrument is flat backed with pleasant curves and a long neck ending in an outward taper with five little screws. These screws each hold a length of wire made of gut and silk, tethered to a short plank on the face of the veabo that cross over an empty chamber in the body of the instrument. Turning the screws allows for tuning of the instrument as the owner wishes, though too tight and each wire will produce the same sound and too loose and they won't produce more than a dull thud.   Playing of the veabo is usually done with each hand acting independently, either plucking the wires individually over the chamber or strumming them in a vertical fashion to create a cascade of sound. The other hand places pressure along wires that go up the neck of the veabo, creating variations of the sound produced by each wire.  

A heart of sound

  Over the centuries, the veabo became synonymous with a good time and the best instrument someone could learn to make produce a pleasant sound, though ear-grating sounds are more common amongst early learners. Many say that without the pleasantries of music and the relaxation it brings, there would be many more problems with the Eight Lands.   As a totem of appreciation to the now passed Rollyn Everlight, those who become fairly proficient with the veabo will perform a song of their own creation while perched on a branch of a tree. While these little traditions are usually done alone, some choose to invite people along to recreate the scene of what is truly a dreamers instrument.
A taste of the music brought by the veabo
Rollyn Everlight
Type of Object
Musical instrument


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