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The Ruh

They stand tall, the world at their beck and call

"Think of people who can summon the winds to their aid, ask fire to burn brighter, tell a river to part just for them, or persuade a mountain to shift its bedrock....those are the Ruh and they are just fantasy!"
— A Magisterium scholar

The Downtrodden

The Ruh are a tale told from the oldest rhymes, born from thought and continued on through the centuries. However, much like any good tale, they have a home in truth with an icing of emotion and storytelling to aid the journey they take upon themselves.   The most popular tales of the Ruh surround one by the name of Wyish.   The tales of Wyish speak of mountains shifting, of oceans rising and falling, of every flicker of flame in a city responding to her call for aid. The winds screamed her name as she spoke to them, the crashing waves thundering with her will.  


by Theiket (via MidJourney)


The Forsaken

  Though their home is in myth and legends, the Ruh are very much real. None have ever been born and none have ever died, but the Ruh live on. It is said that their life force is too strong to be hurled into death and that their existence is tied to the world itself. However they survive the centuries, they manage to keep their identities hidden from the world, allowing them to live in place after place as needed.   Much like the Keeper, the Ruh are known to intervene when people are about to fall victim to nature's whim. Stories of ships suddenly surrounded by still ocean in a storm, cities that don't shake from earthquakes, and rivers that divert themselves around towns on floodplains, all told by cityfolk across the Eight Lands who claim to have witnessed these events.   Most people don't believe in the Ruh, but once you see them, you'll never forget.
The Ruh
by Theiket (via MidJourney)


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