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The Deep Depths

"We don't know what's down there, y'hear? You can't make us tell you! You're mad, YOU'RE MAD!"
— Unknown sailor

The Darkest Parts...

  Many people have heard enough tales of krakens from sailors over the years to believe their boats could be torn asunder by immense tentacled creatures, but there are some who believe that the krakens they encounter at sea are not the true creature. They believe that these krakens are much akin to scouts from another world, that they serve the Kraken.   There has never been any proof to corroborate the existence of a "true kraken", however the sailors who do try to find proof have a tendency to turn up dead or insane, ranting endlessly about something darker than darkness or some kind of infinite ocean. The insane are usually interred in a Filigree House for rehabilitation, though none of them ever sail again, instead resigning themselves to a life on land.  

Parts to Darkness...

  While those who search for a "true kraken" do generally end up insane or dead, more than a few people believe that some find proof and are instead sent back from this creature as its servants, choosing to live in bondage to it instead of losing their life or mind. It is thought that some of these people are within the magic community, as the motif of tentacles in spells seems to tie all too well into the "true kraken" ideology.   The existence of servants of this creature has never been proven.


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